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do you need a drainage layer

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dp1951    1

do you really need a drainage layer

if so why I can not see any benefit of having one what benefit would there be in having one


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Boxofrogs    48

You don’t need a drainage layer in a euro slider viv. The sloped base drains water from substrate into gully at front then out via a drain usually.you don’t want the substrate continually saturated and standing water would become stagnant and anaerobic so in an exodus  or fish tank you need a drainage layer to keep standing water from the actual substrate that your plants/frogs are in contact with. This layer is normally hydro LECA the clay balls sold from hydronics or can be egg crate standing on little lengths of pvc pipe creating a false bottom.this water would then drain out of fitting before it reaches substrate or syphoned off before. I used to used a black pop bottle top sticking through drainage layer st front now and again I’d unscrew lid syphon off then replace lid. 

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