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expanding foam back ground will it hurt my soil?

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dylan1234    0

so ive made an expanding foam back ground for my first ever vivarium build and I have cut away the bottom 1-2" of foam all the way along the bottom to allow room for the false bottom and substrate layer my problem is now that I cant get underneath the sections ive cut off to silicon them leaving exposed expanding foam all the way around the bottom of my back ground is this something to worry about? as the soil will go up to this point and I don't like the idea of it wicking up water and leaking out chemicals into my substrate



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Boxofrogs    93

I think the foam is inert and I don’t think it will wick either the only problem is it Will denature and crumble eventually if exposed to uv. This won’t be a prob if it’s covered by your substrate and even then will only be the exposed portion. 

I think :mellow:

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