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dylan1234    0

Hey everyone I absolutely love the phylobates terbilis mint frogs and am currently in the process of build a 90cmx45cmx45cm viv from a fish tank given to me by work

I plan on getting some mints once it is completed and I have had it running for a while, only problem is finding the dam frogs, ive looked on tonnes of sites and shops all over the place and cannot for the life of me find any!

I would much appreciate if anyone could find or recommend anywhere that I could get them



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kroot    253

Hello. I'm away at moment so shall be brief. I keep,  but not yet breed minties. Grange reptiles near Southampton had some, and have a regular breeder it seems. And Chessington garden centre in s . London /Surrey  had some a week or two ago. Plus they do have them at dartfrog on and off. 

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