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Histrionica bullseye

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Skoobanut    148

Iv had some good success from my black histrionica bullseye over the past 18 months, after moving some to others to get new blood lines I have decided to release 5  when the new batch come of age after July-august these are awesome bold frogs and very active.  If you are seriously interested in some f1 bullseye please message me. At the moment I have not mentioned this on any other forum or fb page so uk gets first chance. Sorry about multiple pics as technology and me are not peas in pod IMG_3362.thumb.PNG.e68d42052fdfc918372949eeca13b808.PNGIMG_3364.thumb.PNG.bc569be551bc3526566c95e3303458f1.PNGIMG_3365.thumb.PNG.f5f971006b8ebcbb71857a6a192345bf.PNGIMG_3361.thumb.PNG.407dd1df24ab45a17030427739c6e415.PNGted 

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Mark97    83

Stunning frogs. Im glad someone is having success in the UK with them. 

Wishing you all the luck buddy (abit rich for my pockets though).



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