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Woodlice & Springtails For Sale

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phelsumaman    82

Hi all,

 I have the following cultures which I can part with:-



Dwarf White - good starter cultures with 100+ adults £5

Costa Rican Purple - decent sized cultures with at least 100 adults £5

Giant Orange - basic starter cultures with 20 - 30 adults/subadults £7 (in short supply)



Folsumia - 1 litre culture posted on cocofibre £5

Sinella - 1 litre culture on posted cocofibre £5 (in short supply)


I can also supply melanogaster & hydei cultures if needed PM me if interested.


Postage costs are dependant on what is ordered & whether you want 1st or 2nd class delivery. P&P for any orders will be charged at the std Royal Mail rates. Please contact me for a quote on P&P.



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MarcusL    0

Hi. Do you have any Sinella left? I would really want some of them and costa rican purple woodlice. How big is the giant orange?




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Kirk86    0

Hi I know this is a old thread but I thought it's worth a shot if you have any of the orange and the purple woodlice for sale I'd like to buy some many thanks


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