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Lighting Advice Please

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TJR1989    2

Hi guys, I wonder if anyone can help me.


Around 6 months ago I converted 1 of my dart frog viv's from 2 x 15W T8 bulbs (1 was an aquarium plant growth, the other a 2.0 exo Terra bulb) to 2 x 13W Jungle Dawn LED's, hoping to save money and much better plant growth.


However, I've been monitoring the plant growth since and it seems the T8 bulbs made the plants grow better than the LED's have.


I was thinking of adding another 13W jungle dawn LED but then it would be a total wattage of 39W compared to just 30W form the T8's.


Am I right in thinking that if I did this the LEDs would actually then cost more to run in electricity costs than the T8's?



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