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Z009a    42

My trio went in yesterday.I havn't got around to feeding them any ff yet but they are picking off springtails as there are millions in there.

I've started hearing one frog calling in the tank,think it is the smaller of the three, and they all seem very active and are out and about exploring.Nearly had a problem this morning as i opened the front doors to spray the exo terra and one frog came hopping towards me quite fast.Just closed them intime,lol.I think they may associate the doors opening with flies going in so going to have to be extra careful.

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I found my guys weren't interested so much in ff for the first few days, they were more than happy picking off the springtails as they explored. My male is the smallest too, so your guess is probably correct. :) They are bold little frogs, have to say though, my southerns beat them hands down and stubborn too. I have to be extra careful opening the doors to their viv... they won't be shoo'd. LOL


Good luck and enjoy!

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