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jaize    176

Right. I am getting a bit annoyed. I like knowing my humidity and temperature accurately. I know loads of you kinda sorta go by feel but that's not the way my shizzle fizzles and I have some beef with the equipment available.

I have now tried about a dozen different digital meters to let me know my RH and temp and they all pack up within a few weeks because they can't handle the humidity (which for a hygrometer is pretty poor!)

Has anyone got a reliable setup? Even the external exo terra ones, which I like, fail (I suspect they are just poor quality though)

Surely there must be something that actually works!?

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Stu    426

Jaizegot a 30 or so quid touch from dartfrog yonks back tis white and all I can give you from makers name is Thermo in italics and meter written below normal type face,I just had a look to try and find further details but nowt. It 'erm still works say 5 years in. Cough cough it still works but has you have said we are all different I trust my senses more. Sorry to break the fizzle buddy ,but honestly I think we all have the same beef ,we would probably all want to have something of complete trust but have had that bubble burst. this is dual hygro/thermo..... max /min on both


Jaize, I became aware of this years back when a keeper at Jersey told me to read humidity with my senses,it sort of stopped me dead,"WTF we haven't a temp and humidity gauge that Durrel's lot trust???"   I guess trusting my senses is now an indispensible part of what I do pondering I guess it always was really,but i'm sure many would want that definitive set of readings.


 Jaize I used to rear hundreds,hmm maybe more chucks under heat and ducks and god knows what else bird wise a gauge  never featured in that: the birds told me if they were too hot( I'd read there movements and behaviours as opposed to a band of mercury and some numbers),i'm almost writing this as a caviat mate because I don't think my approach might be quite the same as others,due to those life experiences.


This one is sort of tricky mate I want and crave details I dig for them want to replicate certain things say out of season breeding temps and humidity I can find details if I try of many species and what they might experience in the wild,yet my gut instinct with animals is what I would would never trade . Data is good if one can impliment it has the tools to do so,but that "feel" as you so rightly say it's just gut instinct it's intangible is so important


I dunno bro hope the gizmo is something you can find,but although this might be hard for you trust those guts mate,essentially they all become one and the same with time...the science and data lead to choices the feel does exactly the same it's just not so easily quantified. I think we need both mate but 5 years in I'm still to recommend a hygrometer and still to buy another.


happy new year buddy



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kroot    253

Happy new year Jaise!


Mine all keep failing to. I've given up on the humidity guage. Temp is fine as I have an expensive laser gun for industrial use that I use to wave about at work. That sets my mind at rest on that front. I am having to do the same as Stu and judge by eye/feel.

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Alex    74

Hi Jaize


In the office I have the link of a professional hygrometer / termometer with SMS and or email alerts.


On the website they claim that their customers are food depot/hotels/industry etc.


I costs about 120£.


I'll send you the link when I get back to work.



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gouldianmax    406

I have used smilar to this for several years now with no problems. I put one at each end of my frogroom with the probe of each one siliconed in postion through an unused misting hole in the warmest viv and coldest viv in my frogroom. So i can monitor both extremes of humidity and temperature.





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