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Found 1 result

  1. I'm torn. Building a 70L x 40D x 80H and I'm debating my lighting options. I'm usually all for DIY and home-made kits, but the jungle dawn LEDs seem to be working out really well for people and you can't compete with that price (while sticking to LEDs). I have two options: a ) a DIY set-up of about 60-80W, similar colour rendition and inclusion of deep red and blue wavelengths for plant growth, a couple UV-As (for aesthetic purposes), tailored to exactly the size of my viv, with a controller to simulate dawn/dusk/night (Coralux Storm for the curious) and fine tune the colour balance and light levels. All powered at a level that would not require fans (so silent). Probably around 250 quid. b ) 3 x 22W jungle dawns, or 1 for flooding and a 40W spotlight. Good light, proven technology, works well with plants, but no customisation and fine tuning. Probably around 150 quid. The question I have for you is, do you wish you had more flexibility than just on/off with your lights (for those who don't) or do you find too much customisation is just gimmicky and ends up unused (for those who have the flexibility) ? Is there any benefit (proven or anecdotal) to having gradual light transitions for frog boldness? Basically, how can I justify spending an extra 100 quid to my SO?