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Found 1 result

  1. New Member - New Viv

    Afternoon all, I've spent the past few months trawling the net on various US dart frog forums looking for advice and information and just as I finish building and start planting I discover this little local gem! Which is awesome to find a UK community. So I thought I'd introduce myself. I decided to put together a vivarium to put on display in our house when we move back in after renovations in March/April. I don't doubt I'll be picking some brains for suppliers or advice on plants as it seems my initial selection for viv plants have been poor. I hope in April once the Viv has grown in and it is in its final resting place to populate it with a few amphibians. This is the viv I've put together; False bottom with clay balls Ventilation system installed in the back for in Viv air circulation. I removed the SS mesh from the Lid and have replaced with glass to keep the humidity up. It's a work in progress with regards to planting. But I wanted to give the moss and a few Broms a chance to root and grow in before I move it in April. Does anyone have any decent links for vivarium plants? So far I've only found dartfrog.co.uk Regards Paul