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  1. Panama pumilio ban

    Actually Steve i've been told that Panama has shut down and came here seeking more knowledge as I see so little of the froggie webland world now i'm completely out of touch So have you heard different ie they are not shut down just not importing to EU???? stu
  2. some cool pointers here tony,but for me the end of the world senario,ie sommit bad happens froggy feels world is gonna end,therfore does the most important thing possible keep s it's gene pool alive,ie breeds is not the ideal. Frankly I also feel the rearing together is a great shout(to p[lausibly prevent breeding as they think they are siblings),but the trio I originally bought to go with AERO our first mystie were just that,reared together and that didn't have any effect. My guess beyond absolute health of breeding stock diet uvb carrotenoids etc is the water picked up early on by Nick. I feel they are being kept too wet have had no dry season,(this one is had core,do the research I sadly haven't time to go there with you now,i'd love to bro,but it's out there written many times so little point in repeating) needs to be part of all our frogs lives. so give them some dry ,proper dry hard core dry,BUT ALWAYS!!!!! a means to rehydrate for a couple of months or more,then when it's absolutley P*ssing down outside,a real hard core low drown the viv and keep that humidity up. Tony nowt is 100% no for sure here. I'd just rather you try to replicate natural stimulii to breed rather than the worlds gonna end senario. Oh and i'm not saying Adrian is wrong about this,it happens when we move frogs too,or in anyway doing any form of diservice to his beloved frogs,I know how much the guy cares already. hey Adrian how are ya bro. It's just I still feel frog keepers don't talk on the dry enough or really assimilate it's importance, how drastic it can be...especially newer folks to froggie keeping. Nature is hard we probably want to be almost too kind,I mean not one of us would really advocate hardship for our frogs,we love 'em want the best we can do for 'em. Put it this way who in blighty or anywhere actually keeps their leucs so hard so dry that they eastivate? I don't that's for sure,but in the wild that is their lot. Phibs are a relatively simple life form,they respond to stimulii. give them dry them wet and time this to link into the natural stimulii they are reading ie barometric pressure drops,even right time of year,they'll breed All the luck bro stu
  3. Tips On Keeping Mysties?

    Walt water temps 72/74f Food for the first two weeks plant based protein source add the animal protein to diet after this time is UVB plausibly provided? water...... rainwater (OMG rainwater lmao) tannins/ brown stuff/ tad tea call it what ya like aldercone,boil cones in RW sieve, keep liquor dilute this into their water sort of a pale brown colour is what I'm looking for. Useable additions elodea, oak leaf, duckweed,live grub: smaller mosi larvea and bloodworms(live!!) We pull as eggs incubate at above temps feed real sparingly at first,mysties seem to be amongst the pickier tads,to me anyway,not Quite the hunters of other species,but they will and do hunt it's just a bit different to the other guys. Walt when I started we had probs here rearing these guys,I believe Allen Repashy has made a massive difference to all this. vit A twice per month no more...breeders Ca plus at each feed carotenoids might help.but the biggest thing I guess beyond absolute brill health and care of adults has to be stop the buggers,give them a rest let all those micro nutrients in the parents reaccumulate. then tell him after a good rest to start over. oh they'll take Allen's food as kids but I'm too fried to give detail right now now he has just got to stop 'em Hope something here might help mate. Walt i'm pushed to breaking,don't post much but very much still here, all our original mysties still here too stu
  4. Stu And Shaz's Dart Room

    Ey up chaps just thought I'd pop by to say we have just celebrated our 6th birthday as frog keepers,those 5 little leucs that we got all that time back are all still here infact we have a few of their kids kicking about right now. Just started morphing out some new bastis kids to from a lass we have had here for ages,tis brilliant many are coming out yellow like there mum was when she first came here. Really cool this we haven't bred a yellow basti before,and it looks like mum is set on having a damn good bash at producing more. Nice when one starts a properly mature female breeding,no concerns about her at all she's just nailing it. The second RFB viv is finally producing after all this time and the rest are all chugging along fine seeya Stu
  5. Fungus Flies

    it's likely that this will pass as the viv matures they never seem to really be sustained more a bloom and bust sort of cycle. How wet is the viv it might be drying it back a little will help if you have gnats in an iso culture almost certainly it's too wet,same should apply to vivs good luck Stu.
  6. Fighting Leucs

    Ian cheers for coming back,wicked buddy good on ya on the qt too. Ian I feel that is why leucs almost always seem to do in groups,the agro doesn't seem sustained,but it's really hardcore at times and mate I shared your fears when We watched all this,first frogs man one worries on everything.. Ian in our case 3 boys things were really interesting as one was smaller slower just by a bit to grow. Ol fivespice we call him. As he grew eventually he became top dog where he stared out at the bottom. This wasn't what I expected at all,I thought once the pecking order was sorted there would be little change until for some reason maybe a loss occurred. Buddy cheers for the way you have replied, VERY COOL thank you. Not the easiest post to make for me. One can't help but learn a bit with a room full of frogs doesn't mean i'm an expert just it is what it is. I wanted to stop you worrying but also make you aware of what might have been a potential prob,you had it covered anyway mate,but I'd hate myself if I said nowt and something bad happened,once I'd seen your post. Ha noisey buggers I do love them when ours first found their voices they would sometimes be calling at midnight,although that hasn't happened for years now,your boys will start from around the six month mark,but the lasses will probably be around 12-14months to lay. Buddy be careful when setting eggs,We had massive stocks of food in place before we even had a frog,but I didn't really believe I'd hatch say ten out ten tads. Numbers rise quickly mate ,it is impossible to predict what is going to happen,so if you want to breed start preparing early with numbers of springs etc. Granted leucs will be able to take mels from the off and mysties:hell a hydie i'll always remember fell into a just OOTW mystie tub and was instantly nailed,but those springs and iso will serve you well and take away concerns of have I got enough if ramped up in advance. We are probably a bit obsessive mate on culturing,but it's a good place to be when the flies falter. It happens mate those backstops are worth grafting for best o luck mate just popped a leuc into morphout,you'll love a baby luec or mysties for that matter ,I still can't get enough of them. final tip for the day then I'll shut the hell up,mystie kids,don't get them too fat,watch that mate,I think ..NOT KNOW it's how mysties move that might make them very efficient at processing food I am unsure,but I know it's easy to over do that feeding and have been told thankfully before I got caught that this can lead to problems including mortality. I can really see that to be true Ian really can,although as above thankfully I've been spared that . Back then though we had way more probs with mysites,I feel the advancements in vits have largely got us past all that now. Leucs can easily be tubbies too,but there is something slightly diferent for me with a mystie kid. Growing frogs need grub I'd rather see them on the tubby side,but mysties we are careful with best of luck mate Thanks are mine Stu
  7. Fighting Leucs

    Buddy noted the size of mystie viv,what size are the leucs in,please? This is sort of tricky my approach is all frogs are individuals and one can have a group that works 'cause the guys get on,where as same sexes,same numbers same species differing group the only option might be to split because simply they won't get on and need separatring But leucs do fight,it never seems sustained though mate,i've seen real hard core scrapping:we have 3boys two lasses i've seen all five in a pile up which frankly was hilarious,the boys off on one and the two ladies.That agro has never been sustained though,just mins later they can be all sat together without a care for what just happened But they are in a 60 cube buddy so they can get away from each other,my concern is that if housed in something small like the mysities ie a 40cube which is too small for 4mysties for me personally,then the stress levels might be much higher as they can't get away. Mate I keep a similar number of mysties in same size viv(60cube( and have only seen agro once in say five nearly 6years. Mysties and leucs were some of our first frogs so both have been here around that5/ 6year mark ,all the originals still here both groups no losses. So it's a real tough call bro, frogs not getting on can lead to stress and once one has stressed frogs then the probs start death is a possibility. If you have them in a big ol viv then i'd observe and if you see anyone constantly being picked on or loosing weight then split. If you have them in smaller vivs,probably best to keep them split. Mate I favour bigger vivs that is my choice and obviously I'll encourage any new guy to lean towards the same. The fact that frogs are breeding does not mean they are happy,just that their fat reserves are high enough to facilitate breeding. there is no judgement here kiddo,just want the best for you and the froggies. the reason I have harped on about viv size is simply that could be a potential cause of the frogs fighting more than normal as they simply can't really avoid each other like they can in a bigger enclosure For any frog if you see sustained agression metered out by one to another then start to be concerned and watch like a hawk for weight loss , in the dominated,at the first sign of that split. hope this helps mate Stu
  8. Message For "stu"

    Ey up Danny how are ya mate. Sorry buddy i've dropped off the planet a bit ,still doing da froshe he he stunning yellow basti just ootw,along with olive and red maybe orange,he he still having a ball,just grafting too many hours so don't post much Dan can we see if Nick can give you my email and then we can speak? i'm sure he has it if not I'll watch here and get it sorted Happy NEW YEAR ALL hope ya frogs and your good selves are good Stu
  9. R. Summersi Or Banded Imi's?

    Summersi and banded imis are sympatric, live in the same place...don't they? The one imitates the other so i'd guess they would both like similar conditions. Stacey (it is sTacey isn't it I keep summs but not the imis,yeah sure I keep them on the dry side,but I can't give you a definite as to whether that should be drier than the corresponding mimic(imi). what I can tell you is kept like this they really seem to react to a low hitting more than any other frog we have kept,one can almost switch on the desire to lay by hitting a low with a corresponding raise in humidity in viv,ie drown 'em . Seiously I spray very very heavy when a low hits to mimic that in viv and it really seems that eggs will follow. But that must take into account the dry that I normally keep them under. I am unsure if summs are harder to breed than imis,having not kept many rani it is a very tough call to make for me. I know very very few have got them going here and over the five years or so we have kept frogs quite a few have got here,but hardly anyone has had much luck in actually breeding them. I'm not really sure why,sure we struggled I still have my little old male from our first pair,sadly I lost the lass,but she never seemed to lay eggs with embryos in. which is fundamentally weird as the embryo passing through the frog is the trigger for the jelly to be laid around the embryos,i am informed. I guess they need to be reared right as a first up(big deal !!!),then really, I believe now that letting them get old enough to be really mature is very important,before the breeding starts. Stacey we had 40 tads from our young group when they first started laying. I was actually trying my best to keep as a group and not let them breed ,but failed. From those 40 I morphed two kids,it was very difficult. We seem to have always been really lucky with tads hardly loosing any across the frogs we have kept and then bamm all but complete failure. Obviously as this was going on our young group were getting older . I can't remember what kind of break they had after that 40 ,but when we set the next 40 we simply could barely put a foot wrong,if we lost two i'd be surprised. Nothing had changed much no differing husbandary so the only thing that really could be a factor is age of parents. Summs are not bold in your face frogs they are on the shy side,that said my little old man,bless him comes to see me and if i'm gentle enough will stay out and be fed with the door open. So as is oft the case time and spending time with them is worth it as the shy side can be broken with time and lots a patience. They seem good as a group although spats occur with both sexes,ha ha I'm always grafting so don't see so much now,but Shaz does !! My little old man has two lovely young ladies now,every now and then they have a right scrap over him,then all seems to go back to normal,i've seen the boys in the group of 4 two pair do exactly the same over a lass about to lay. Hope this helps a bit i've written tonnes about them if you are serious about summs have a dig,I have so little time now I rarely post ,but they are all still here and we still have a few kids about . I simply don't know of anyone else here whom has bred summersi,i'd love to hear if anyone has had any joy Good luck Stu
  10. Woodlice

    Lads,there isa mention of centipeeds here,I wouldn't bang a predator like this in our vivs,it's possible they'll be feeding off the very microfauna we are trying to culture. Walt brought up the possibly nasties that could be introduced with native wild caught beasties. Guys i've used Onacillus acellus had had them live for years in viv,they are also said to predate nemerteans dunno whether they breed in there,but they can certainly survive. So i'm not adverse to using native wild grub in me vivs,infact I feel the benefits out way the risks,but I am damn careful where i'm collecting. Guys do some reading about idiriviruses,I think I've got the name right,I'm pretty sure,but have no time to dig ranavirus fits in to this category. So basically if you are going to grab native wild grub try to do so in places where you either know the area is free of RV(we do have a very nasty strain here in UK) of places where there are simply no phibs. Obviously use the usual caution when collecting native wild grub for your froggies,like aphids for example,which I have used tonnes of over the last 5 or so years as well as native springs and god knows what else,lmao. Use a place far away from roads where no pesticides are sprayed about etc ie organic areas. There are risks you should know this and research this... we also have Bd here do be careful,but I believe the variety is really good for our little froggy mates and have used wild grub alot . I believe in it take care lads ,do be careful Stu
  11. Tips On Keeping Mysties?

    Walt body shape can be a pointer,but frankly it's that usual senario of boys call/ girls lay eggs.I find them incredibly difficult to sex !! Walt as you probably know I hang on the kids for a good while,i've actually had them breed before leaving,that's about a year old for me mate. But the usual senario is the new keeper take his frogs away and the move triggers calling,I guess males are staking a claim to the new territory,it drives me nuts because I'd really like to send the new keeper off with a pair at least. I have had males call here Joe actually saw this a couple of years back maybe,really funny watching dad and one of his sons shouting a each other,but if old enough a move oft does the trick if a male is present, around 6 month is the youngest to call here Walt great group frogs,tell your mate not to let them get too fat ,they can easily, it can be disasterous. also I tend to keep the kids on the colloer side ie down low in the room,not drastically cooler than the other kids we rear,but I feel they might be a bit more sensitive to heat when young than some of the others kids we have here not much help mate sorry, Stu
  12. Message For Stu

    Sorry Nick i've been awol,too many hours worked as you now know T thought I'd wack a reply up as I try to catch up a bit, as much as anything for politeness sake. All will be well mate speak soon Stu
  13. The Red Frog Story

    Ross,Paul little time just breif,just a couple of points for the mo. Ross for me the guy at the cafe is the hero in all this(possible different morph?) and also presents for me at least that possible symbiosis of tourism and ecological gain,sure i'm human too and as outlined struggle with self guilt at times. But to me having a coffee with the dude from Argentinia is all win the stronger he is maybe more land might come to him he certainly looks like a good custodian of his little ex farm. Yup I also was lead to believe that trash oft enhanced pum populations more depo sites,but a singualrly horrible way of environment enhancement in both our eyes I guess. The kids threating to kill if they don't get money the locals opinion of trash is hard for us western folks to comprehend,mind we just expect someone to turn up and take our trash away away. We I suppose are somewhat superficial with our outlook we don't see what we really are doing and despite the upserge in green issuses here it's difficult for me to judge those locals whom only had biodegradable trash just years back..Obviously it needs to change but how?? Cheers buddy always appreciate your thoughts as well as this video that has kicked my ass, I don't have to agree with someone to respect them mate not that there is much we are disagreeing on here tis just sad !1 Paul great post bro I can't see the self rightous pontification ,seems like a lot of sense if we could but measure up !! I personally feel so sad that in all this I am it's tricky being rational,cheers for you thoughts mate. I see little chance of building a gene pool from what is in blighty,leastways what I believe to be in blighty,but of course we are just one small section of the hobby. I'm sure with help we will have a viable pop here for maybe 20years who knows, how does one go about long term stability and predict viability over time. But mate if I am right in what I saw and I believe I have studied most of them ,the female shortage is desparate with this particular morph here in blighty, Leastways i'm talking about those 2012 imports, many of those spare males I have already lost track of try as I might to keep a handle on that it's very difficult Keepers come and go I know there are reintroduction programmes in the making for phibs the mountain chicken project.being worked up by some of the zoos here being amongst the most well know,but obviously morphs of pums are barely recognised by even cities I am utterly without a clue as to how they would be regarded by zoological institutions. Private keepers don't ever seem to be part of this type of concept,but you are right in that we are working things out and are getting results I just don't see us ever being part of release programmes,Mate we barely QT here do you think we and our little contribution could ever be more than a bunch of pet keepers and really taken seriously? Even the pan golden frog now residing in institutions(A zetki) hasn't yet been returned due to the threat of Bd I guess. I just can't at this time ever see a day where the hobby we partake in will ever be taken seriously mate or that any of my or anyone else's frogs might be progenitors to stock that will be returned to the wild. But slow but sure RFB are growing in number here, and there are surely more girls now in this collection than I ever dared hope for. For so long this was a knife edge one lass please don't let anything horrible happen after I lost the other to bloat......... 2012-2016 tis a slow road mate Had to bung something positive in all this dispare Lads must go wrote an essay and will pay for that tomorrow take care thanks muchly Stu
  14. The Red Frog Story

    Ross,hey bro how ya doing,buddy? All one's fears realized but still hope. You know how special these guys are to me mate and I guess there are musings out there of my worries when we first got them and how I so wanted to do something with them,because of my fears over the development,I had no idea about the trash problems though. Many males came in mate very few females in a way i'm part of this don't this smack of your galacs buddy. My frogs came from there and now there are so few left break's my heart mate. Many thanks for sharing this Ross , you have a very sad guy posting here,this has really knocked me mate. I'm struggling to write really kiddo,just gutted. How can one justify keeping when they might be in dire straights in the wild, and in the same breath feel relief, almost, that at least some are here somewhat safe,many emotions mate. What's the right thing here,being part of the reduction in numbers for the captive trade...pets.... or feeling that something bad might just really happen and then being among very few here holding a frog that might be all but gone with that hope caviat just teetering on the brink for the wild frogs. Knowing I don't have a real sound base for a gene pool just outcross males,yet seeing little tiny things fall from broms on a regular basis now, each one is hope,but never for the wild. i'm at a loss what to say really mate....sad times Stu
  15. Jebero/varadero

    Stacey, John's a good keeper plus these guys have so far been happy together,i'd set up a little tub seed it with microfauna a few cheep good in low light plants plenty of leaf litter and just have it sat there in case. I have no experience with imis,but I'd have a get out clause in place as we always do just in case. Both Kev and Nick's advice I'd deffer too they both have more experience than I with imis,but so often I feel the individual frogs make the rules the individuals either get on or don't. All the luck mate cracking pictures Stu