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  1. Tips On Keeping Mysties?

    hello everyone. well my friends mystis are laying eggs and he has tads. now his problem is they are dyeing after awhile. don't know the water temp he has them in. not sure if he is pulling tads out to soon. he gets eggs, pulls from tank and gets tads. then has alive for a while and they die. maybe it could be his food choice for tads.
  2. Tips On Keeping Mysties?

    i need to have him take pics. he did say two look chubby and one is a bit thinner. but again that doesn't mean anyting either. sometimes when i eat alot i look about 3 months pregnant and then i loose it and look only 1 month pregnant. ​
  3. Tips On Keeping Mysties?

    how easy is it to sex these frogs. a frogger friend has about 3 they all look cubby. can you tell by toe pattern. by the way they stand. body shape. he did say they can over eat and get chubby. I think they are under a year.
  4. Over Run With Greenflys!!

    thanks. expensive biological places are always on the expensive side.
  5. Over Run With Greenflys!!

    thanks for the info. will check out the sticky. it seems here in the u.s. this didn't really take off. i read about it once. also i think the toughest would be to get some to start the process. summer is coming.
  6. Woodlice

    from what I read is there is a chance that you could bring in nastys with the bugs you get outside. I myself have wanted to get some from the outside to put in my tanks.
  7. Over Run With Greenflys!!

    interested in how do you culture the aphids, (what we call them in u.s.a.) I only see them in the wild on my rose bushes when it gets warm.
  8. Ecuador Auctions Off Amazon

    like they say money talks.
  9. Fruit Fly Culture Mix

    i guess no one uses brewers yeast or vinegar. I use instant potato flakes, confectionary sugar, and brewers yeast. mix together and add water vinegar mix. and sprinkleI a bit of bakers yeast. in the u. s. this seems to be the usual recipe. vinegar supposedly stops it from molding.
  10. Curly Wing Flies ( Ter Flies )

    I culture what was sold to me as curly wing. but I haven't really seen any curly wings on them. but I think the curly wings come out as they get older. they breed just as the melanogaster. maybe a few days sooner. I have more problems culturing my hydei flies.
  11. Tesoros De Colombia

    meefloaf it was sort of messed up how it went down. sort of a secret society for the frogs. one good thing is some of those frogs have laid eggs. most of the people I know who got them. talk to them a the local frog meets. well just need to start saving up the money for the next shipment. sell the car, "ok kids get a job. daddy/mommy needs some new frogs."
  12. Tesoros De Colombia

    meefloaf the preferred part usually happens unfortunately. this last shipment was sort of preferred. nobody really knew about it until they where in the u.s. in the u.s. we have a strictly reptiles, when they get new frogs in the preferred get to pick out the best ones and the rest go to the general public.
  13. Tesoros De Colombia

    glad I could get this post to the froggers here. with a bit of work.
  14. Stu And Shaz's Dart Room

    what you need is some of those histos from tesoros. pretty sure you would make them happy. well also the money to buy them would make you happy.