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  1. You Looking At Me?

    Amazing pic,stunning frog.Would make a good calendar photo.
  2. Happy Birthday Nick

    Have a good one!
  3. Garden Shed

    Ive visited Gordons frog room a couple of times and its very impressive,i would gladly have a operation in there as it is spotless,a credit to Gordon,is there not some pics on the site gordon?
  4. My Big Viv Build

    Thats looking the business,great job!
  5. Happy Birthday,hope you got froggy presents!
  6. Black Jeans

    Brendan contact Mike skinner,hes on NE Froggers im positive he knew/knows somebody in scotland that bred them hope this helps!
  7. Aluminium Profile

    Hi brendan try www.aluminiumwarehouse good prices and they cut to order,looked into this a bit but never got round to a build yet.they also do all the connectors.
  8. Happy birthday mate,have a good one
  9. Cobalt Tincs

    Hi stephen always good to have another NE frogger kev.
  10. Lupin Aphid

    i would love to know if these would culture by using the same pea aphid method,even the ones on roses,could be time for a experiment stu!
  11. i know from the past that calci worms develop into a something like a flying ant but bigger,look them up and see if they are what you have.they are totally harmless but they do look dodgy!
  12. These Eggs Any Good?

    what john said...he should know
  13. Ameerega Macero

    They are little stunners darren,love the colouring.
  14. Happy new year everyone!Really wanting to start getting some of the garage converted into a frog room this year,the 16 foot kayak is gone,just need to move a couple of motorbikes,mountain bikes,welding bottles,tumble dryer,chest freezer,4 tonne of assorted junk!!!its not easy,lol. keep frogging all the best...
  15. Season' S Greetings

    Merry xmas to everybody!Hope everyone has a good one..... ill be on the mince pies and port very soon...