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  1. Plants?

    As john posted Burt westerman his stuff is quality and I bet most people's tanks are filled with his stuff anyway
  2. Johnb56

    A bit late but happy birthday john
  3. New To The Forum

    Hi brendan think i bought mistis off you at the last manchester day. Welcome anyway if it wasnt you lol
  4. I'm Back Lol

    Deffo up for that mate
  5. I'm Back Lol

    Cheers all thanks for the kind wishes and offers. I will deffo take you up on the offers.
  6. Special Offer On Bromeliads

    Thanks for the broms and stuff rich. Well made up some fantastic broms really healthy stunning plants. Highly recomended
  7. I'm Back Lol

    Well after relocating to Devon and settling in.i have started to furnish a new tank for future frogs. I have realised after telling wifey no more frogs that a planted tank without frogs should actually be a criminal offence. So in light of this realisation i will in the new year purchase some of our little endearing friends. I will post pics when i get a min. I must say i have missed all my freinds off here and look forward to hosting frog days or weekends again
  8. 20141206 130546

  9. Depressed :(

    Im all good Dar living the life in Devon
  10. Frog Meet Weekend!

    Deffo up for that mate
  11. Invisible Dartfrogs!

    I did that as well even though I washed out broms and all sorts. And still ended up with more frogs
  12. Jewels Of The Rainforest

    At least you still have yours lol. I dont think the guy even sent it! Mind you not surprised Considering he sold Everything he had within six months of Buying it off me and Claimed he constructed and bred everything lol
  13. Jewels Of The Rainforest

    I did have it until I borrowed it to someone who now tells me it is lost in the post
  14. Depressed :(

    Good laugh though steve lol. I wish I would have got to see some old faces too. Not seen you for ages Dar. Saw ty though. Oh and of course The welsh gent lol
  15. As above has anybody recently bought this book off anyone? Cheers Paul