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  1. Azureus morphing

    hi dar , yeah i guess gordon did , just not wheres the best place to source a pair from
  2. Azureus morphing

    hi gordon , for someone like myself who would like to keep azzies and breed , if you were me what would you do ? is it better to souce a few juveniles from different sources and wait till they can be sexed or hust buy a sexed pair ? and if the latter do you have any suggestions please ? thank you chris
  3. Azureus morphing

    again i think it may depend on viv size the bigger the better , im unsure to be fair as my tank is 45x45x45 and it wouldnt be fair for me to have more than one female in it as they may wrestle or bully, but again someone with more experiance could help you out
  4. Azureus morphing

    hi mantas , i havent any frogs yet as im setting up my tank and learning about them , everything ive read and been told about male to female ratio is usually a trio is best . 1 female and 2 males , dependant on tank size plays a factor also but im sure more experienced keepers on here will also advise you to .
  5. Woodlice

    cheers ben yeah i didnt think like that so springtails , woodlice on top an the burrowing type is the best idea then
  6. Woodlice

    cheers mate , will defo get the two types when ready
  7. Woodlice

    hi everyone , after some advice , is it best to have both types of woodlice ? ones which stay on top of substrate and ones which live underneath ? is theyre any benefits to haveing just one or both please ? thanks
  8. Plants

    cheers abereef , a great help
  9. Plants

    hi all im at the decideing point on which plants to have in my viv , any suggestions ? my tank is 45x45x45 i want ferns , bromiliads and creepers but dont want to overun the tank and would like species that wont grow huge ?
  10. Leaf Litter

    thanx for all the advice ppl ill be going down the road of fine oak leaf litter then coarse on top of that
  11. Substrate For Azureus

    yeah bendy im going to go down that route i think , hydro balls then weed sheet then crushed leaves , then whole leaves on top i think
  12. Leaf Litter

    cheers colin , i live right by a park area called conker island where as you can imagine i can get lots of leafs for free
  13. Leaf Litter

    hi all , so can horse chestnut tree leafs be used as leaf litter please ?
  14. Substrate For Azureus

    ok thank you abereef
  15. Substrate For Azureus

    ok thanks for the info bendy