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  1. Plants?

    Fear not Mark ill be back with a vengance soon as i move.
  2. Nice Nick think i might have to visit there soon. Good to see some real bluejeans not like the ones coming in now
  3. We have some nice unusual and rarer plants now available. For names and prices check out our website www.rainforestvivs.co.uk Richie
  4. New Bromeliads In End Of Week

    Few pictures of new broms now in. All names and prices can be found on our website www.rainforestvivs.co.uk.
  5. New Bromeliads In End Of Week

    Lots of nice colourful broms now added to our website cheers Richie
  6. New shipment of some nice colourful broms coming in the end of the week. Will list them on my website when they get here cheers Richie
  7. Interesting Read

    http://www.amphibians.org/…/uplo…/2015/09/E-AC28-Inf-341.pdf Richie
  8. We have some nice plants in stock that we dont get much. Also have some new broms all added to our website www.rainforestvivs.co.uk Thanks Richie
  9. Happy Birthday John

    Happy birthday buddy, for yesterday Richie
  10. We have a nice sellection of bromeliads in now. Also some unusual ferns and plenty of ficus montana.. All can be found on our website www.rainforestvivs.co.uk cheers Richie
  11. Reusing Vivs

    Thanks Stu but its only what i owe him after he helped me out when i had the shop. No worries Huw let me know what you decide, and dont eat all those chocolates until ive sampled a few Richie
  12. Reusing Vivs

    Huw Give me a pm with what vivs you want i still owe you vivs dont forget. cheers Richie
  13. Oophaga Vincentei Transporting

    Nice one Steve, need more of these in the hobby stunning frog Richie
  14. Have a good day buddy Richie
  15. My Big Viv Build

    Looking amazing Dave the broms are holding there colours really well to be honest. As Gordon pointed out you can have to much light for the frogs so need to strike a happy medium. If some of the broms are losing ther colour maybe raise them up a bit closer to the excisting light. If you add the 40w spots you will proberbly need to remove some of the other lights. Even the peperomia prostrata is looking well so thats a good sign. Richie