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  1. I've read quite alot of contrasting advice on different websites regarding the breeding of these guys I've read they build ground nests in dry leaves? They lay in film pots? And also under coconuts in dishes? Can anyone offer any first hand advice or just point me in the right direction to which is the best for them please.
  2. Found A Site For Cheap Food

    Yeah springtails are good 1st time I used them there were loads but the latest time I was abit dissapointed
  3. Great selection If your have any small broms in the sale I'll need some advice on choosing the right stuff for my vivs
  4. New 5 Viv Rack

    Lol I can imagine Just about finished my own rack now Dread to think how much time n money I've spent Hopefully I'll have some look breeding them next year
  5. Opening Competition

    How can you tell how many posts you have done?
  6. New 5 Viv Rack

    Could you build the wooden panels before so you could offer it as a flat pack? Think you could be on to something if you could
  7. New

    Think I met you Dave at Donny Was the guy who knew you had Gordon's casties Welcome
  8. New 5 Viv Rack

    Just the rack bud Ben
  9. New 5 Viv Rack

    Looks spot on does that What was the build cost minus the lighting?
  10. Moderators

    Nice to see the site is growing to the point that we need more people to run it
  11. Mourning Gecko Eggs Have Hatched!

    The smell of bacon butties often draws me towards the kitchen Maybe try that whilst laying in wait with a net :/
  12. Leaf Litter

    Got my first bag of oak leaves today whilst walking the dog Got some weird looks from passing dog walkers tho
  13. Fungus in Woodlice cultures

    Had this grow on alot of substrate that spidershop use. Doesn't seem to harm the spiders but I swap it out anyway
  14. Moderators

    Congrats, met John at Donny an was a great help, all 7 frogs have settled in nicely
  15. Substrate For Azureus

    I've used an eco earth, spagnum moss,oak and beech leaf all mixed together with oak and beech leaves on top All seems to be going fine an plants seem to like it too I am goin to try Howarth78 method tho of just leaves on the hydroballs