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  1. Hi all

    dont leave me out of any meet that happens!!!
  2. safe water

    use natural spring water from your supermarket if you cant get harvested rain water, i would avoid tapwater even if you do use a clenser.
  3. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    i usually dry them from oct/nov untill feb/march, drying them out usually stops breeding (not always, but will slow it down a lot) you dont want to overbreed your animals as it can shorten life span and possibly effect the quality of frogs that are being produced. also i dont over feed my frogs, i dont like obese frogs mine stay nice and lean, so a dry spell gives them a chance to put on a little bit more weight than usual before i soak them and breeding starts again. im sure there are many other benefits to seasons etc but those are my main reasons for doing it. p.s. drying them out for me is one 10 second burst on misting system a day, and when i want them to get back into breeding i will do two 1.30 bursts a day (sometimes throw a 3rd in if a storm is brewing outside, the pressure change in the air along with the misting tends to put everything into breeding frenzy)
  4. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    have found eggs in leaf litter before, usually only happens when i put my vivs through a dry season they will lay in the leaf litter as it holds the humidity better. have also had eggs laid in flim cans, on glass, on large philo leaves and bromeliads.
  5. New Member - New Viv

    lovely looking viv! welcome to the hobby! have you also looked at https://www.bromelien-westermann.eu/buy most of my plants from there now, shipping isnt so bad, well packed and usually find the more uncommon plants.
  6. Mysties Viv Preference

    picture of their habitat for reference
  7. Skinny Leucs

    where did you get the frogs from? why do you assume worms? 3 frogs in the viv and 2 are skinny and one isnt, what sex ratio do you keep? bullying isnt always visible. how is the viv setup? is there standing water or moulds? what temperature is the viv? as its getting cold in most homes now we have to make sure we keep our temps up aswell as mist more due to heating systems sapping humidity. what are you feeding? how often are you feeding? are the frogs visibly eating? as for isolating them, i wouldn't do it strait away untill you can put finger on the problem as stress of new enviroment can cause more issues to weak frogs, but if you do isolate do it indivitually, and try keep it as sterile as possible, so damp paper towels, and change weekly, which will also make it easier to get a fecal sample for a worm count, some local vets might offer this? sorry for all the questions, hope it makes sense its 3am, just got in from work but want to try and help best of luck
  8. Uvb Yes/no Or Some!

    simple answer is yes use it, but make sure its placed over the mesh part of the top, as uvb doesnt 100% penetrate glass, i wouldnt use anything stronger than 6% bulbs and keep eye on temps as they can get pretty hot.
  9. Tall Viv

    vriesea erythradactilon, i think? bens jungle or bert westermann will probably have some.
  10. seem to be getting alot of spam likes recently? anyone else?
  11. Tall Viv

    lovely looking viv, love the natural look! where did you get your leaf litter?
  12. Sirensis Highland Pasco

    not apart from my own adults, everything else is froglets, and just sold the oldest 3 if i hear anything ill let you know, you still got the vent trio? they breeding still?
  13. Sirensis Highland Pasco

    hi andy, yes i have bred quite a few of them, beautiful frogs, i keep mine as a trio, 1 male 2 females and works well for me, key to good breeding is age, hold off untill they are about a year and half if possible, i remove tads and rasie myself, although i have let the odd one slip past me and they do a cracking job on their own. deep leaf litter and good cover is key i find, aswell as film canisters hidden in clumps of vines or ferns etc. hope this helps.
  14. Sirensis Highland Pasco

    I have been breeding mine for 2 years now, and the lower temps doesnt really apply to CB frogs, might have been critical to get the WC originals to breed, but mine have been breeding every other week all summer, some days the temp in room was around 30c
  15. Decisions Decisions

    before you get another exo terra, look into custom made vivs, better quality and suits the needs of the frogs alot better than crappy exo's