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  1. What are you feeding the tadpoles? Unless I've missed it being written .
  2. Please Read

    I prefer the sense of community you get with a forum. It's a shame really as we had a great group of people who would have meets. People just like the blooming instant click of fb rather than looking up answers or carrying on topics. I will get my ass in gear and post more
  3. Plants?

    Da man is back
  4. Ikea plants

    Do they come flat pack.
  5. Plants?

    I've used bens jungle and darfrog in the past. Bens jungle has dropped in quality and Marc has never been the best with plants.
  6. Plants?

    With Richie possibly out of the selling game where are people getting nice plants. Looking for different stuff not run of the mill. Maybe even if there's a few people pooling orders so we can order from the wholesalers ourselves.
  7. Frog vs Robot

    Tried to choke him out
  8. Definitely an amazing place if you can get over there. Surprised me when I saw the types of areas the frogs were in compared to how we keep them
  9. About time you got some pictures up
  10. Ghost Town

    I think the better thing with forums is that it filters out a lot of yhe 'idiots'
  11. Ghost Town

    On another note. The more questions people put on here hopefully the more will answer which in turn will bring people back in to check on things
  12. Ghost Town

    It's such a shame about forums not really getting the traffic they used to. I got my first frogs off John years ago . It seems people just want frogs to breed instantly and if they don't bring in money they leave the hobby, I think that's pretty standard in the reptile hobby but frogs was always a little different. You had the main stays and a few people who got frog Burn out. I really miss the old house meets we had, nice little community, my house is to small and I would always worry about the numbers you 'may' attract nowadays. As for rainforest vivs Richie is attempting to move abroad possibly but if he doesn't succeed he's told me he will be back with a vengeance.
  13. Johnb56

    Happy birthday mate
  14. Site Outage

    He's gonna have some awesome pics
  15. Racking/shelving

    Machine mart sells a few types. I had a gun metal Grey. To many vivs ha ha so I just put a kitchen work top in my room to limit myself https://www.machinemart.co.uk/categories/?search=shelving