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  1. Ranitomeya ventrimaculata - questions

    I love my vents, easy bold little frogs that are always on the go and beautiful to boot... However I have run into a slight problem when looking for an outcross. Even a few years ago you'd find things simply labeled as "Ranitomeya ventrimaculata", but now I have been told I have R. ventrimaculata 'Borja ridge' and also R. amazonica 'French Guiana' and R. ventrimaculata 'French Guiana Yellow'... I don't want to hybridize with other localities of course so the question becomes what to do? I don't think John got a locality on these, just R. vents. Any help would be grand!
  2. More celebrating mediocrity!

    I am not sure if it's one of yours to be honest! They started out small and dull and I could tell them apart easily of course but now all bar one are equal with my originals! I will say that none of my females have ever gotten that fat!! lol
  3. Ranitomeya ventrimaculata - questions

    Cheers I will see if I can get in touch perhaps when the new shop is up I will pop down!
  4. Ranitomeya ventrimaculata - questions

    These ones from you were they from Marc labeled as French guiana? When did you originally get them? May be helpful to track down more info... All a bit messy isn't it?! Worst case scenario would mean I have to source a new group with locale info which would suck.
  5. More celebrating mediocrity!

    Yep I have to admit since these are the only frogs right now not making more of themselves I am OK with that, better than the other way around!
  6. Hypomelanistic banded imitator

    It's a natural mutation, happens in the wild and they can be bred to standards, as long as they aren't the only ones bred I don't see an issue. I have a bit of experience with small animal line breeding and to a degree even just selecting for the healthiest animals line breeding needs to happen, it's bad line breeding or inbreeding defects that is an issue, small animals tend to be able to handle extremely high inbreeding coefficients if bred correctly. The standards are related yep, in theory if bred to this girl my standards should reveal if they are carriers which would be helpful.
  7. Hypomelanistic banded imitator

    Every since I saw these pale little gems John had I have been smitten, really grateful to him for offering me one and even picking me the perfect individual! She (hopefully) has settled in well with her darker compatriots who have picked up the calling and also started staking out the film canisters... Perhaps her pale beauty has enraptured the lads?? A very welcome pick me up on the frog side of things after a less than ideal year in this this regard!! Unlike some of the 'albino' morphs of some frogs around I think these ones look lovely and will prove popular in the hobby
  8. More celebrating mediocrity!

    These loud idiots are apparently wholly incapable of doing their job, tons of eggs (so very many) and yet no tads! I suppose I'll leave you to supply the rest of the British Isles with SI's mate! lol Luckily their reproductive incompetence hasn't stopped the other hoppers from making with the babies. Also glad to see more leucs coming along again =)
  9. More celebrating mediocrity!

    That'd be great mate, get some new blood in too as I am on one bloodline now =)
  10. Green stripe trivs

    Can't see the photo but I am after some myself, I take it you are grabbing them from dartfrog? Nice!
  11. More celebrating mediocrity!

    My new batch of anthonyi seem to have the most incapable males, hundreds of eggs of course and not a single fertile one, maybe they just need time to figure things out, noisy gits could at least save the serenades for when they do the job right! I just added a bunch of film canisters because I was missing egg batches even after checking every day and they were going a bit icky, my poor bromeliad leaves...
  12. New to pumilio advice pls

    A pair all the way. I know you can rear them until you can sex (never heard of issues with parents and young in the viv if they are removed when they are large enough) and then split but I would go for a much larger viv if possible, I say this as pumilio are great, but super dominant when they want to be, everyone always says you can only keep tinc in pairs or they will bully each others, the pumilio are 10x worse ime. They can loose weight fast (as they are small to begin with) once they start getting targeted. I have noticed most keepers even with a sexed pair seem give them more room that what would be expected from a pair of say rants. Be interested to hear what people on here have to say about it, perhaps there is quite some variance in the localities?
  13. Thrifty duo viv

    I'm looking forward to seeing the planting, I have high expectations The tn fantastica are mentioned occasionally... Seems the same few people keep them and have some available occasionally. Other than that it#s when people are moving on their adults... I remember you telling me how stunning they were, if you get some keep a hold of them and tell people how awesome they are, whether they want to hear or not =P
  14. Terribilis build

    I definitely think they'll come out of their shells. The bicolor and terribilis always end up very bold. Haha I love them, gonna upgrade them in the new year, more space equals more vents ;-) Glad the SIs are coming along, I get hundreds of eggs a month just from one group! Let me know if you have any to trade coming up as I'd like an injection of new blood into my group. Merry Christmas :-)
  15. new build

    Mixed opinions on the water features... I know a few people with large pond type features, some deep pools etc who have had no issues. However there have been plenty of people who have apparently had deaths due to water features (mainly drowning) with what seems mostly tincs, I dunno why that seems to be the unfortunate subset, but it is. There was also the issue of the water itself causing issues, apparently if you have water and it's just 'standing' or even moving but is not 'filtered' it can cause bacterial/fungal infection for the frogs sitting in it, as some like to do. The easy way around this seems to be having water good enough for fish to live in, aka filtered via a fish filter or equivalent, which is very easy as all you need is the water flowing over/through something with enough surface area for bacteria to colonize, a simple sponge filter good enough for the volume of water, and use primed water (Prime de-chlorinater etc) or even better just let the water stand for several days before adding it. People seem to have success with arboreal frogs like pumillio, rants, and with epipedobates . Either way I think if you do it there will always be at least a degree of risk, you can make it as safe as possible with multiple easy to climb exits and branches. They can turn out to be some very striking vivs when set up right, a bit of extra work and the associated risk, but gorgeous!
  16. Terribilis build

    There is someone in Birmingham selling some colon 'del drago' AKA the really nice ones come February, I can pass you his info if you want? He may still have some left to reserve =) In exchange I will take some more vents off your hands lol How are the bicolor getting on? I know they are supposed to be bold even as youngsters.
  17. merry christmas

    Merry Christmas guys, wishing you all a great new year of frogging too =)
  18. Terribilis build

    Ah you're gonna have fun watching them grow mate!! What's next on the list? Hopefully another thumbnail =P
  19. Thrifty duo viv

    Exciting to see mate, just don't tell me you are getting some tincs for it! I was recently put off DMS as they have not been on the ball with supplying people with lights and vivs on time, but when you think of the work that goes into it and the amount a business must pump out, I don't envy anyone doing it, that being said I need several vivs built next year as upgrades etc as buying pre-made from DF is too expensive and limits where you can utilize space. I am not brave enough to even attempt making one.
  20. More celebrating mediocrity!

    I would suggest clove oil or even better aqua sed then, you can get it on amazon and it's a 'proper' fish sedative, however the clove works very well for most people, there is just some concern that it would irritate a tad more than the aqua sed before sending it off. I don't think any tad would be resistant to a proper fish sedative overdoes and it's the most humane way to go, I know I would choose being sedated to death as a primary option! While there is the concern re continual egg laying and the females getting worn out I very rarely hear anyone mention issues if they supplement their frogs, if the female is struggling for certain micro-nutrients she should stop producing, and if not, she is well enough to keep on trucking. With the availability of good dusting nowadays I really don't see it being an issue? There is the fact that with pretty much all animals the more they produce the shorter the lifespan, not sure how this relates to frogs but frankly if you have happy healthy frogs that lay constantly and naturally pass a year earlier than frogs kept in less ideal conditions I know what I would choose.
  21. More celebrating mediocrity!

    Well done mate, they're a very underrated species imo, just because they are easy and cheap doesn't mean they aren't great frogs! I'd not be one for removing females (frogs don't tend to be at their peak if moved constantly), it is a sticky subject but if you are gonna be overrun (the market for SI's is OK but I doubt a hundreds would be able to sell!) I would remove eggs as laid if possible, I know that people who have similar issues humanely euthanize the tads with either vodka, clove oil or aqua sed. But I don't know whether people in this hobby usually discuss it unless it's a very damaged or deformed tadpole.
  22. Terribilis build

    Perhaps a terrible one =P I wouldn't be opposed to some yellow/orange terribs but it's have to be December or after unless I find some gold nuggets in the garden!
  23. Tiiiiiiiiiiiny success

    Yeah they are doing great, even had a male try to call, it is still a bit pathetic right now! Not sure, got it from Mark at dartfrog, think it was neoregelia mottled or some such, he didn't have in the species I wanted but this one is nice and offsets well already.
  24. Tiiiiiiiiiiiny success

    I am a bit biased but I'd say it was worth it They turned out pretty darn well if you ask me, they've become one of my favorites!
  25. Stranger things!

    Hoping to get a glimpse of this little guy soon when I pick my guys up, much nicer to look at that most albinos though I have to say.