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  1. safe water

    which is the best way to make tap water safe for misting the terrarium also or the water dish and watering the plants
  2. Tips on the Exo Terra mini fogger.

    I had a look at foggers and a mistking and will be going with the mistking you can have a look at this may help you out
  3. which plants

    done a lot of research and I will be only keeping males so should be ok my exo-terra terrarium is 90x45x45cm so will be ok for about 6 frogs have seen a mix frog setup and read all about this kind of setup not kept frogs before but have kept a lot of things from fish lizards snakes I do a lot of research and ask a lot of thing about what I would like to keep first before I just go out and buy them thanks
  4. which plants

    was thinking of a mix of dendrobatidae
  5. which plants

    hi all well almost got everything to start my terrarium build now I am looking at the plant side of the build which ones to use I would like some climbers ground cover one's a lot of people use Bromeliads I'm not that keen on those so looking at other plans to fill the terrarium up ant help with a good plant list to help me would be grate thanks
  6. how to finish the substrate

    I just want something that look good but also take the needs of the frogs in account of there needs
  7. Woodlice Substrate

    hi mate how long did you leave them till you had alook to see how they was doing thanks
  8. hi all will be starting my build tomorrow and would like to know how to finish the substrate carpet moss. looss moss and leaf litter just leaf litter or just the substrate