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  1. adding cork bark

    right I would like to add a bit more cork bark to my vivarium want to stick it to the side glass will the silicone sealer fumes harm the frogs as I got nothing to put the frogs in or is there another was to stick the bark to the glass
  2. Native/alien herps

    wow I would love to come across one of those it look a bit like are grass snack but without the yellow v on back of the head at least it's not a threat to are snacks in England which is good then you don't mind so much
  3. what fruit fly media mix are you using I am using this media at the moment with good results but I am looking for other media or a good diy mix https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fruit-Fly...72.m2749.l2649
  4. love these videos on youtube there is a few of these on youtube
  5. what a bunch of b's some people are to do this https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-coventry-warwickshire-47042022
  6. Amesiella phillipinensis flowering

    what a dim wit I have just notice the name in the heading of the post brain not working as it should today
  7. Amesiella phillipinensis flowering

    what orchid is it as I am looking for one or two nice ones for my vivarium
  8. Making Artificial Trees & Vines

    a good guide will have a go
  9. Thrifty duo viv

    will look a lot better with something hopping about all over the place
  10. new build

    many thanks for the helpful info it look like it is going to be a lot of reading and looking things up online then I don't know if I get things right till it is to late and I lose a frog thanks once again
  11. when on holiday

    many thanks did not think of doing it that way I do have springtails and woodlice which I could add more just before I go away many thanks once again
  12. when on holiday

    hi all when you are on holiday how do you go on about feeding your frogs if you have not got anybody to feed them for you ok lights and misting is easy just put them on a timer sorry if I have asked this before
  13. new build

    hi all thinking of a new build for the new year thinking along the line of a paludarium (think that the way to spell it) it will be for my dart frogs how deep should I have the water as I know that dart frogs don't swim all that good any help would be grate or any photos of one thanks
  14. best moss to use

    hi all what is the best type of moss for a terrarium I had some that I got from my local woodland but after a few months it started to die of any help would be grate
  15. best type of lights

    many thanks for the link but you still have got to get a 12v power supply to run them