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  1. How are these used in vivarium's? Long version: I'm trying to figure out a way to use this in my Dart Frog terrarium. It needs a good few cm of water above it so I tried it in a 6.5cm dish covered with fabric mesh which works well for a few minutes, but that clogs up with water very soon, and gets dirt on it. I've seen the Lucky Reptile Fogger Cave Stone, but it is too shallow to hold enough water which is stupid, there's a vid on youtube showing it. The Exo terra waterfall medium size is too big for my terrarium.Of course I could seal it with silicone but then cleaning it would be a pain, I can see it becoming foul quickly, what could I put in the water to stop that that wouldn't kill my frogs? I suppose I could soak it in something but I'd like to be able to clean it properly.
  2. Beginner questions

    I am wanting to start my first ever terrarium with hope that I can put a Dart Frog or two in it some day. I have a 10 gallon Exo Terra with an Exo Terra mini compact light with a Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED 9W Bulb. I would like some thoughts and advice on my envisaged setup. I'm trying to understand the water needs, I will only have live plants, springtails and dwarf white woodlice for a while until I learn to keep it stable, but I don't want to contaminate the terrarium with anything. My questions are: From what I've read/watched I can use tap water with reptisafe for the frogs, but not the plants right? But for a fogger and misting it would have to be distilled or R/0 yes? But if the frogs need to drink that I'll need to add something to that water, will that ruin the fogger? I'm starting to get brain ache... And if the humidity is above 80% the frogs will absorb the water from the mist and not need a drinking bowl? My terrarium has a mesh lid, is that ok or would it be better sealed? I have ordered the Exo Terra Thermo-Hygro Combometer, where does the probe need to go? There are those holes at the back of the Terrarium behind the background but surely the probe would be useless there right? Behind a plant maybe? My build plan is: Make a false bottom from eggcrate. Add mesh on top of the crate. Fill the sides with gravel. I have 3 bags of activated carbon for my aquarium, put that over the mesh? An ABG type mix over that. Add fogger. Add plants, I have 3 plants to start with; Ficus pumila, Fittonia, and a Bromeliad. Learn to keep humidity 80-100% and temps 72-80f. Is that right? Add more plants and get some froggies!