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  1. Stranger things!

    Fank gaaaaaaaaawd. Just paranoid.
  2. Stranger things!

    It occurs to me that my above comment could possibly be misconstrued as a racist slur. I sincerely hope no one thinks this is the case
  3. Hey everyone

    I’ll post as soon as I can work out how to as reached capacity. Kroot may have some young for you with luck??? kroot. heard a different call this morning from Isabel’s and you girl was following one of my boys around.how are my kids getting on? John
  4. Hey everyone

    Frog wise may need someone who’s going to Hamm or Dutch frog day etc
  5. Hey everyone

    Show me your first! Sounds bigger than mine I might not fancy it after + struggling to upload stuff at Mo
  6. Hey everyone

    Hello mate good choice frog wise. I’m in the process of sorting out my next viv for a group of these think I’m going yellow poss orange. I’ll post if you are interested but never kept before. From what I gather easy as long as you watch temps not too high and give some good dry spots under foot sure you already know this. Apparently that will eat anything up to the size of a squirrel!
  7. Stranger things!

    Hypomelanism 1 hypermelanism 0
  8. Stranger things!

    He’s a little bosta as they say round here.
  9. 3. Is it the magic number?

    Cheers John.if anyone’s interested here’s my rack. Not too busy now seemed to ha e stopped breeding. Hot weather? Got these 25 mm tubes at 45 degrees in rack the angle helps keep rack closer,can access back ones better and gives a bit more surface area.they foul relatively quickly so got to clean often but looking at 70 odd tads in a square foot of wall space.i know vents are super hardy so may not work for all thumbs
  10. 3. Is it the magic number?

    Mine are French Guyana mate Can’t say I can really tell the difference
  11. 3. Is it the magic number?

    What do you have borja ridge?
  12. 3. Is it the magic number?

    Thanks that’s what I was hoping to hear.i think people have different experiences with mysties from the little I’ve heard once they start breeding you can’t stop them you have to watch them temp and diet wise.ithink I read on here that they are generally not sold till knocking 6 months? What about leucs 3 monthsish for them?
  13. 3. Is it the magic number?

    Hello members. I’m getting a small accumulation of baby vents 10 in a small grow out tub some more to come.my question is do they need 3 months plus before shifting them on? I’m asking because my little leucs seems skittish and nervy but the vents seem chilled out and robust sit about when I open the tub feeding ok. Is there a standard age? I just wonder how bothered they would be in someone’s viv loaded with springs rather than keeping them in a tub?in no rush they just look hardy. What you reckon. Cheers john
  14. Stranger things!

    Albino vanzolini ooooooooohhh!
  15. Stranger things!

    So is it not a banded then? I thought intermedius was variabilis type. Thought banded was sauce?