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  1. Stranger things!

    Great keep posting the pics pls. Sent a message regarding other frogs
  2. Stranger things!

    What will you do with the albino keep/breed it. I was into snakes but the ridiculous morphs did my brain in.are these frowned upon dart frog wise, I Have seen chocolate leucs and albino vents.It’s great you e got an albino but would you keep it as a curiosity or line breed it.i like the purity of these animals. I think nature did a pretty spectacular job of creating our frogs I like the fact that this hobby doesn’t try to beat it. All the best with with him. John
  3. Tad advice appreciated pls

    Despite lack of help tad wise I’m having little successes easy frogs I know but no spindly leg that I was cursed with last time I frogged. I am your father leuc
  4. My two vivariums

    Thanks mate
  5. My two vivariums

    Can you tell me the name of the crinkled leaf plants in those vivs? I too have 2 kids and full time job testing eh? I have no retirement plan
  6. Tiiiiiiiiiiiny success

    After 7 Months countless hours building a viv the size of my fridge gluing peat to walls and spending enough cash to take the kids to Florida...... my first easiest cheapest dart frog has got an arm! Was it worth it yeeeeeeeah think so
  7. Beeeeeeeeeeen!

    ?????????? I just want to give him a ton. He replied once then vanished I wonder if he really exists
  8. Beeeeeeeeeeen!

    Anyone on here know Ben personally? If so could you give him a nudge for me got £100 burning a hole in my pocket. He seems to not want it! John
  9. Ranitomeya Sirensis Highland With Tadpole.

    It’s sounds like your frog room is bigger than my frog room!! Thanks for the reply,we possibly represent opposite ends of the tadpole care spectrum. I’ll up my game cheers john
  10. Ranitomeya Sirensis Highland With Tadpole.

    Well done!.how do you raise them do they raise in the viv like imitators or do you do it. I’ve got test tubes with vent tads in but they seem to honk after a while even when I change the water. Lost the first couple just before they popped front legs but the next lot are getting there now.got the idea from s post on here but I’m not sure there is enough surface area for the volume of water.
  11. Ranitomeya Sirensis Highland With Tadpole.

    May give these a try depending on many financial variables.they beat varadaros for me I think never seen in the flesh I was under the impression they were a bit of a mare to keep
  12. Ranitomeya Sirensis Highland With Tadpole.

    That’s got to be one of the prettiest froggies out there. Lovely pic is that tweaked or a a straight up shot? These harder to keep than most thumbnails? John
  13. Built in viv

    Cheers not much frog love from the wife and kids
  14. Built in viv

    This is my single big viv built onto and around my freezer. Mostly recycled glass and various poly boards glued to my wall recirculated water section drip wall on left out of view little stream left empties into water/filter on right. I had the inspired idea to wrap hygrolon then hessian around drip“vine” so Itwould be festooned with climbers moss ferns and the like. This Immediately failed and rotted like a pear and grew liver like fungus. Other than that it’s gone ok ish. There is enough light in the top to start a ganja farm but still not too satisfied with growth/colours tbh. Got 6 vents 5 leucs and 3 Santa Isabel all getting on and breeding with exception of Isabel who are all boys( any girls out there). How does everyone get such lush green/purple growth? Anyone else got large setups? Does anyone let non oophaga species get on with it entirely in the tank? That’s the plan with the Isabel’s. I was obsessed with the idea of this build but now I can only see limitations. Now craving little tidy boxes with pairs in them. Comments/critique welcome John
  15. Hello members I’d appreciate some advice. I’m going away for just over a week and have a clutch of leucs and vents that are not out of the eggs yet but will obviously pop out when I’m away. Should I leave them in the dishes and hope the don’t canibalise or shal I pop them slightly prematurely? Not as concerned about vents but the leucs still have blood vessel like gills and the eggs sill look turgid. I considered putting eggs on floating Rickia in the water section but I doubt I’d ever catch them again. What’s the best option any help appreciated cheers john