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  1. Hello members I’d appreciate some advice. I’m going away for just over a week and have a clutch of leucs and vents that are not out of the eggs yet but will obviously pop out when I’m away. Should I leave them in the dishes and hope the don’t canibalise or shal I pop them slightly prematurely? Not as concerned about vents but the leucs still have blood vessel like gills and the eggs sill look turgid. I considered putting eggs on floating Rickia in the water section but I doubt I’d ever catch them again. What’s the best option any help appreciated cheers john
  2. Fruit fly cup for the low skilled frogger

    No probs glad to share.i can’t believe this is not done more already almost didn’t bother posting this.Was never good at getting the flies in without escapees and seemed to kill loads in the rim of the lid as I closed it. Would probably be good with bigger cups but these were the first ones I saw. Any thoughts on swapping that female Santa Isabel? If not for me for genetic diversity.
  3. I’m guessing this is not a new idea but thought I’d share. Smoothie cups with lids complete with hole £7 ish Amazon free delivery for 50 (16oz)probably cheaper if you hunt around. Tesco cotton wool ball wedged in the top seems to work well. Tap cup remove wedge place dome down on another dusted cup shake about. At this point you can answer the phone have a cup of tea so on safe in the knowledge all the flies are in one cup or the other and not in your house causing marital disharmony. The dome ushers flies aplenty into the second cup with minimal effort without ever having to remove the lid. Similar to the cups with the sponge wedge but the dome works and it’s got to be cheaper Great success!
  4. which plants

    On the plants I think you e got tohave a least one bromeliad in?? It’s like having a collection without a pair of azureus.
  5. which plants

    Hello all just thought I’d give you the benefit of my inexperience. I know the whole mix tank thing is a major issue but it seems again and again that when a mix tank is discussed it always starts with the worst possible combination of species either a bunch of tinctorius or sticking some imitators in the top of a viv with something bigger on the bottom. People also seem to keep pumilio and auratus together as they share the same locality I’m sure this may work but I’m sure eagles and leaches life in the same localities. Personally I’ve got a single mixed viv as wanted to get back into hobby and had the bits to build a big setup it’s 1400 ish 700 or so high with a deeper ledge and some water and 600 front to back. Stocked with 6 vents(variabilis?) 5 standard leucs and 4 Santa Isabel. They seem largely oblivious to each other the vents breeding the Leucs bit reclusive but I’ve been told this is seasonal and they were in well before the Isabel which from what I gather you can’t go wrong with.i seem to remember something about dwarf cobalts being ok in groups. Tbh I do wonder if that space split into 3 would have been better used though. These are just my Ill educated opionins I’ve not put anything on the forum up till now to avoid the tyrade of abuse regarding pathogens etc. Anyway so far so good. Cheers john
  6. Beginner questions

    Sorry on water you may as well just get r o to mist costs very little from aquatics shops. Or filtered/boiled rain water you could use cheap spring water to give plants a leg up but frog Pooh dead flies and vitamin powder will make up what’s lacking in the r o
  7. Beginner questions

    Hello mate I’m no expert but had a couple of exo terras in the past. Basically you will need to cover all but a strip of the top of the mesh with glass/Perspex (50mm? Along width of front) or it won’t hold humidity. Then you need to put mesh/foam or similar in the door vent so you don’t get flies everywhere you don’t need em. Seal door gap with a tiny bead of silicone then when dry run a scalpel or razor through so they open but seal shut. Put false bottom low enough to allow for clay balls some(slope front to back?) weed fabric soil mix then leaf litter. I used a pop bottle top with a black screw lid in one corner protruding through false bottom ( glue fabric around it under leaf litter height) then when false bottom fills up you can screw off lid and syphon off. The charcoal won’t hurt but is not essential just don’t let false bottom fill up to substrate level.id go mister over a fogger tbh or just hand mist be fine if you keep ventilation to minimum. Hope this helps. The lamp will take care of day temps hopefully assuming you are keeping the viv at reasonably low stable room temp just monitor