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  1. Terribilis build

    Can’t take the credit but pleasing non the less
  2. More celebrating mediocrity!

    All good stuff Daniel. However. The vodka euthanasia was but japery pertaining to my border line alcoholism hic
  3. Thrifty duo viv

    I’ll post pics of my ranitomeya slate rack when it’s done. Maybe I’ll make you some eh?think I’ll work the slate is more forgiving than glass particularly in transit and parts of the wall can be left bare as the finish will be natural and pleasing to the eye. Save spend 2 grand in tree fern
  4. Thrifty duo viv

    It had occurred to me in the past to try to knock Some vivs to sellafter building a few.its no surprise that there are so few building them I know Marc (dartfrog) gets his from Europe and there is rainforest vivs and Dms I think.at 40 quid for a 40 cube even at 50 ir so it’s quite labour intensive! I’m making a tiny mantid viv from slate for a mate. I may scale this up to ranitomeya size with phelsuma type vents to max floor space. I’ll post to see if any interest
  5. Thrifty duo viv

    New build to fit above my existing vivs to maximise space available. 800 wide 400 deep 470 high. Using reclaimed glass from old double glazed units. initial building of tank using slate to partition. Left side imitators/vanzolinii right side pumilio
  6. More celebrating mediocrity!

    I think disposing of eggs very early is quite acceptable tbh it just didn’t occur to me.another issue is the continual laying of eggs leading to probs. I know tincs will lay loads but it’s a handful from big fatties I genuinely counted pushing 30 from basically a giant thumbnail. I’ve attempted euthanasia with vodka before now. Keep waking up again and again
  7. More celebrating mediocrity!

    Papas got a brand new batch! hes checking on the kids. Don’t think everyone will make it but sure I counted 27eggs. Won’t post again in this subject as aware this is very easy. Just can’t believe how many they lay and how often.males are great I took this film can out and he was inside then hung around as I took photo i like em a lot just had to edit to keep promise of no more Isabel posting. 2 mins after I took photo another male jumped past looking not unlike a blackberry.already got 3 different sizes of tads in pond. What do I do? Shall I remove the females for a while? I could end up with hundreds of em I’ll struggle to feed/sell. there he is the bugger
  8. Terribilis build

    Tad jealous! That an amphibian joke? If you are after phyllobates mate a guy returned my email about Terribilis a fortnight after I said I’d take the bi color. I’ll get his details if you like I’m sticking with the bi color now
  9. Tiiiiiiiiiiiny success

    What’s the name of that mottled brom mate?
  10. Tiiiiiiiiiiiny success

    They are my first babies released into the world. Nice to see them settled in mate glad you finally got on site
  11. thinking of redoing my terrarium

    Yeah my wife is the reason I don’t have a house full of green tree pythons
  12. thinking of redoing my terrarium

    Looks lovely mate I wouldn’t touch it just make a new one!
  13. thinking of redoing my terrarium

    Oh! I can’t see it being very successful. If your viv is currently running the only thing you could do is make a false bottom (plastic pipes topped with eggcrate)topped with tree fern panel or the like and place that in viv. Obviously you can’t use any adhesive needs long time to cure. It took a bloody age to do mine and if I’m honest it turned out a bit crapper than I was hoping. Good luck. If you want my opinion I’d keep the viv you’ve got and start a slow burner project
  14. thinking of redoing my terrarium

    If you look on my post of “built in viv” there is are some build photos but it’s not a great example paludarium wise. Generally speaking the best thing to do is have a deeper than normal false bottom made from eggcrate/weed fabric leave out a section as the pond. I’m glad I did it as my Anthonyi are using it and eventually I will raise phyllobates tads in there but I sometimes wish I hadn’t bothered would have had loads more floor space to plant. And when my pump goes wrong will be major pain
  15. thinking of redoing my terrarium

    Ive got a paludarium the water part is maybe 6+ inches deep but the majority is covered with various bits of wood providing escape route.i lost one frog immediately but this was me putting them in too near the evening or possibly was just weak one. Nothing has gone in since ranitomeya variabilis, leucs and Anthonyi in viv. Anthonyi have been depositing tads and are doing well. I disturbed a leuc in a hut once and he plopped straight in. I assumed he was buggered as went under covered part and couldn’t locate him. A minute later he popped out started singing and his lady came and found him! I wouldn’t do a big fish tank with a bit of land type setup. You need to offer whatever animals you have whatever floor space they need then any water part needs to be additional to this frog dependent. Kept red eyes once in big vert paludarium 50/50 land water that worked. Hope is helpful