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  1. More celebrating mediocrity!

    first eggs after some heavy petting. 4 eggs one looked wrong then a second bloated but these two look ok for first attempt. I honestly have only heard one croak from tincs and it was from the other viv.
  2. More celebrating mediocrity!

    young love. This is the pair I was less sure about and were slightly smaller. I’d toyed with idea of selling this pair or swapping for Brazil/Patricia. My bigger girl and her good looking boyfriend seem to be having bedroom woes.
  3. Good morning froggers. I’m sure you guys and girls remember springs of yesteryear up to your knees in buckets of frogs spawn thousands of new morphlings under every log and leaping from every step in the grass. Well that’s changed. So many frogs toads even great crested newts by me decades ago (middle of industrial town Midlands) that it supported an equally impressive number of grass snakes. Well the snakes are long gone and frogs not far behind. Saw first male rana temporaria this morning stamped on probably on footpath (eeer slimy you know) the girls will be next out with two thousand eggs ready to go! Let’s give them somewhere to lay. Before I spend on my next viv I’m bunging a little pond in. More ponds = more frogs toads newts. The whole country looks after the blue tits why not the slimy ones??
  4. Terribilis build

    arvest bank atm near me bit more like it
  5. adding cork bark

    Velcro adhesive pads? Think even the the least harmful fumes in closed environment is bad idea.
  6. fruit fly culture media

    1 part sugar 2 cheapo mash 4 cheapo ready brek.sprinkle paprika turmeric repashy vit A. Stir to sloppy consistency when cool dust with sugar and cinnamon tiny bit bakers yeast I call it “crapple pie” works for me cost a quid a month
  7. http://www.jasonsteelwildlifephotography.yolasite.com/aesculapian-snakes.php stumbled upon this site after recently talking about alien reptiles and amphibians. Some great images and info on hoppers creepers and slitheres. Thought it may be if interest
  8. what a b's some pepole are

    I know there were marsh frogs(ridibunda?) and edible (esculenta?) but not sure if they were every confirmed as that species or hybrids. One of my best was working in a council estate as as builder when a male peacock landed in the drive! We tried to catch it to add to my dads avian menagerie but he did one onto porch roof. I was told a colony of European tree frogs was destroyed by developers. Then as it turned out there was a change they had always been there (apparently)
  9. More celebrating mediocrity!

    Yes that’s your girl Adrian. I know it’s not pleasant to hear but he’s one of many DIRTY FROG!
  10. what a b's some pepole are

    Anyone seen any “aliens”. I know you southerners can’t move for ring neck parakeets (saw some in west mids recently). But any real beauty’s. It’s a terrible shame Burmese pythons are eating the Florida Everglades but there is something exciting about finding an exotic alien. American bullfrogs down south.european tree frogs. Balearic wall lizards in Kent.aesulapian snakes on regents canal.cougars(not middle aged horny ladies) black panthers.garters corns? Eagle owls in northern quarries. Anyone add to list. Oh wait scorpions in shearness docs
  11. Green stripe trivs

    Yes mate I’m sorry if I beat you to it I think I reserved them the day they went on. Not seen in person but he sent me picas I didn’t want the ones without the vertebral stripe. Not sure why you can’t see pic they look great jet black luminous green. If you want a couple of Isabel you are welcome to a couple for nothing or more for next to nothing. Think I’ve got 20-30, lots of tads and some elusive escapees in big viv.
  12. what a b's some pepole are

    Shame mate. This is the problem with pets, sometimes people buy on a whim Particularly things like fashionable dogs parrots (live 60years) and big exotics. I would have taken on a baby Burmese python or such at the drop of a hat as a kid. In the 70s you could pick yourself up a beautiful baby alligator for next to nothing. In 3 years you’ve got something that needs a heated shed and eats a piglet once a fortnight.i look on forums and people must just have racks of sweater boxes rammed full of royal python morphs and super dwarf retics.they might as well be pictures. That’s why I went into the frogs they are at least living a similar life to the wild and are stimulated.there are turtles the size of dinner plates in my local duck pond. There was a hellbender Salamanda in one park near me! And even a pair of dummerills boas and some venomous rattlesnakes/Pitt vipers. Stupidity. They could so easily have been rehomed. People want stuffbut don’t want the work or care about the consequences of dumping animals.
  13. Green stripe trivs

    one of my 5 sparkling new trivittatus. Can’t wait to pick em up and listen them warble
  14. Ameerega Trivittata Red

    Absinthia. Saw your post about bi color calling mine look a shade younger than yours and not a peep although I may be hoping a little. Anyway I love these trivs always thought about getting some so replacing my (most of) Isabel in my large community viv.put deposit on 5 green stripe. Watched YouTube clip of them calling. Need that call in my room it’s pure tropics. Although I am slightly def so my wife may be less thrilled. Do you have the reds also? I’m guessing mine will be siblings so thinking maybe trade bloodlines with someone when the time comes ?
  15. Terribilis build

    oit on the “lawn” more solid more yellow more bold hope his mates join him soon