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  1. so ive made an expanding foam back ground for my first ever vivarium build and I have cut away the bottom 1-2" of foam all the way along the bottom to allow room for the false bottom and substrate layer my problem is now that I cant get underneath the sections ive cut off to silicon them leaving exposed expanding foam all the way around the bottom of my back ground is this something to worry about? as the soil will go up to this point and I don't like the idea of it wicking up water and leaking out chemicals into my substrate thanks dylan
  2. Hey everyone

    I may post a build thread ive , made the false bottom so far and I need to get some glass cut and find a way of making a lid out of it for the fish tank work gave me. thanks for the shop reccomendations ill have to have a look, I wont be getting any frogs for a while until ive got the viv built and grown out a bit though.
  3. Hey everyone

    Oh sweet yeah id love to follow along if you post a build thread or even just frog progess I think the mints are hard to come by here in the uk but you should be able to fing the yellow and orange ones fairly easy, I know the bicolour ones are available readily aswell.
  4. Hey everyone

    Hey everyone ive been keeping reptiles for a few years now had an amazon tree boa, bearded dragon, black roughneck monitor, cresties. been interested in building a bioactive nice to look at planted vivarium for a long time now ever since ive watched this youtuber 'dendrozone' not sure if anyones heard of him but I love his phylobates mint terribilis and want some of my own, would be cool to talk to some people who know what theyre doing and are in the same country as me as things are different over here compared to the US. Dylan
  5. Hey everyone I absolutely love the phylobates terbilis mint frogs and am currently in the process of build a 90cmx45cmx45cm viv from a fish tank given to me by work I plan on getting some mints once it is completed and I have had it running for a while, only problem is finding the dam frogs, ive looked on tonnes of sites and shops all over the place and cannot for the life of me find any! I would much appreciate if anyone could find or recommend anywhere that I could get them thanks dylan