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  1. Expanding Foam

    Thing to remember though is all this stuff is likely to be endocrine disrupting.
  2. Expanding Foam

    The best one I have used is Soudal 2k, bought from Marc at Dartfrog. It's a two component foam with a hardener which cures quickly and doesn't expand a crazy amount; a bit more expensive, but infinitely easier to work with than the normal stuff.
  3. Plants?

    Did an order from araflora for a new viv, plants arrived quickly and seem very good quality.
  4. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    Beautiful viv! How many do you keep in there?
  5. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    Thanks, Andy! I'd really like to keep these in the future, as they are really visually stunning! Nice to have frogs that can actually be observed, too.
  6. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    How bold are these guys (in terms of thumbnails)?
  7. Please Read

    Unfortunately I got into the hobby just recently and so missed when this place was active, but I've learned a lot from reading threads here. Can totally appreciate where you're coming from, Nick. It's a shame Facebook has killed a lot of forums, as Facebook groups tend to be a bit of a cesspit.
  8. Plants?

    Not used them yet, but this guy has some nice looking broms: https://www.griessmeyer-bromelien.de/deutsch/zum-shop/bromelien/
  9. Frog vs Robot

    Oi! Where you from, fam?
  10. Thanks Mark and Kroot, I was sort of leaning towards Imitators, so cheers for the info. I am dusting with Repashy Calcium Plus; that video was just after I put the frogs in, and I was so excited that I forgot to dust them. Would love to go to MAD but it's a 4.5 hour drive according to Google maps
  11. Sirensis Highland With Tadpole.

    Absolutely stunning frogs! Congrats on the tadpoles Andy.
  12. Hi all, I'm totally new to the hobby, just got my first frogs on Thursday, a couple of Dendrobates Tinctorius "Brazil" from Marc at Dart Frog. Vivarium: https://goo.gl/photos/LhNYwJ8DyJsDfFHQ7 Frogs going in: https://www.instagram.com/p/BQ26d9xD6nR/ First feed: https://www.instagram.com/p/BQ3RgYkDjO2/ This is my first vivarium build; I used foam, elastopur and peat moss to create the background as well as 3 pieces of mangrove root. The frogs love to hang out and sleep in the cave area underneath and behind the wood on the far right! A few questions: Are there many people around the West Midlands area? And are there any shows or anything much in this country? Also I'm starting to plan my next build to start later this year once I have some more experience with frogs. I'm planning on doing a large, tall, bromeliad heavy build and would love some frogs that will live and breed in the bromeliads. I'd prefer for them not to be too shy, thinking of one of these species as possibles: Epipedobates Anthonyi Ranitomeya Imitator Oophaga Pumilio Any suggestions or recommendations. I'm aware the latter two are pricey and harder to obtain. Cheers, Pete