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  1. Phyllobates Bicolor

    Great - how old will they be in November, and what will it cost for the two?
  2. Phyllobates Bicolor

    Fab, could I reserve two please? I’m only in Devon, so can pop down for them when they’re ready to go. Will be in touch again in October to check in. Cheers, Rob
  3. Phyllobates Bicolor

    Always though bicolor were amazing since seeing them at London zoo about five years ago. Will you be selling any offspring in the near future?
  4. Fruitfly media recipe

    Thought I'd start a thread on recipes for homemade fruit fly media. My recipe is pretty simple and lasts both hydei and melanogaster cultures about a month. 30g readybrek 10g brewers yeast powder 45mL boiled water 30mL vinegar 30mL fruit juice a few bakers yeast granules a twist of raffia Made up the night before adding adults so the mix has cooled down. I usually tip the adults from a booming culture into a large plastic mixing bowl and then pooter them up (bang the bowl down to stop them escaping) in an attempt to stop transferring mites from an older culture to the new ones. I still get mites in the pots, though not sure how much effect they have on fruit fly numbers. I've just recently bought a permethrin based anti mite spray (for birds) and will wrap the base of my pots in an impregnated kitchen towel to see if will prevent mites moving from one pot to another whilst in the cupboard.
  5. Vivarium Weight

    Ooops, sorry. Some of the different ones I've been looking at do hold 300kg so if needed you could look one of those out. This video shows the type of shelving and the light units are held on the wire of the shelf above. While this one has what looks like tubes with reflectors wired onto the shelf above.
  6. Vivarium Weight

    You could try one of these chrome wire shelving units - they have a max load per shelf of 300kg so no need to worry about overloading, and it'll not need any further maintenance other than an occasional clean. The bottom shelf doesn't have to be at floor level, so if you're concerned about knocking the lower vivs then they can be raised up some way off teh ground (I think they do 2.5cm increments). http://www.shopfittingwarehouse.co.uk/shelving-furniture-c13/chrome-wire-shelving-c21/chrome-shelving-unit-4-shelves-h1800-x-w900-x-d450-mm-p1098 Might be a bit more pricey than the wooden Ikea job, but it'll be a lot sturdier.
  7. Jeberos Breeding Tips

    They were only found to be monogamous a few years ago. Here's the paper that gives the first finding of a monogamous species of amphibian http://www.jasonleebrown.org/jasonleebrown.org/PUBS/PDFs/Brown_etal_2010_AmNat_evolution_of_monogamy.pdf Not sure how a pair first make their bond selection, or whether a pair will bond if there are no choices available, which I sometimes think is why sellers recommend a small group (though it may also be that they want to sell more livestock ). Good luck with the film canisters.
  8. Bloodlines

    As a newbie could someone give some advice on bloodlines please. I was wondering how careful I need to be in terms of getting juvenile frogs from one seller as they're most likely to be brother n sisters, and so will be inbreeding should they go on to reproduce. Obviously I need to be careful to get frogs of the same type/form, but not sure how careful I need to be about mixing bloodlines, and whether different species are better able to cope, or not able to cope at all, with a degree of inbreeding. Any help greatly appreciated or personal experiences on the effects of limited genetic diversity on the frogs' development.
  9. Bloodlines

    Many thanks for your views Gordon, much appreciated.
  10. I bought a bean weevil culture from Dartfrog.co.uk earlier in the year and struggled to find some black eyed beans in the local shops so bought some haricot beans instead (small white ones . We also had some soup bean mixture so I thought I'd give that a try too as it was a mix of quite a few different types. To cut a long story short these two new cultures produced absolutely nothing, whilst the original culture with a 1 cm layer of haricot beans put on top of the old black eyed beans produced a few more adults a couple of weeks later. I've now found a place that does sell black eyed beans and each of these new cultures is producing on a regular basis. So, moral of the story - use only black eyed beans with your bean weevil cultures!!!
  11. Temperature For Mels Fruitfly

    I've had mites in both melanogaster and hydei cultures and have started to use the bird mite spray recently. I spray it onto a cloth and wrap the cloth when it's dried around the base of the pot. The pot of melanogaster started a month ago and chucked this week had hundreds of dead mites in it, so hopefully it'll help stop them spreading to new cultures. The shelf is also covered with paper sprayed with anti mite spray, and the pots kept away from each other. My cultures do boom faster if kept under the fish tank rather than out on a shelf where it's cooler - probably around 20-23 degrees C under the tank. Good luck with the attempts to get rid of the mites!
  12. Fruitfly media recipe

    I used to use own brand potato flakes, but thought that the fortified ReadyBrek would be better as at least some of the vits and minerals should be getting into the FFs and then hopefully onto the frogs. Same with the fruit juice instead of just water. Not sure how much difference it makes though?
  13. Fruitfly media recipe

    Oh, sounds nasty. I used to pooter bean weevils out of their culture pot until it started making me wheeze like I was an old man with cystic fibrosis. On 50 a day! Now put a piece of cardboard in and tip the weevils on it into a dusting pot. Not as precise as pootering but there you go.
  14. Oophaga lehmanni Import

    Very difficult species to keep - wonder how many of these lehmani have offspring still alive today?
  15. Jeez - these babies eat better stuff than I do! I've had a go at tropical white spring tails and have used an ABG mix (so it can go straight into the viv before any frogs go in) and feed them on powdered fish flake food, and they bloom pretty well - though not like David's (wow there really are lots of the wee beasties in there).