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  1. Found This On My Viv - Mite/tick

    Not sure at the moment. Dart frogs
  2. Found This On My Viv - Mite/tick

    Looks similar to this I think. http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-predatory-mite-macrcheles-robustulus-adult-predator-with-phoretic-37668405.html
  3. I dont have any frogs as yet but just btw chance I noticed this moving on the background. It is so small I couldn't make or what it was with the eye. I had to use the water drop on the phone trick to magnify it. Should I be worried? https://youtu.be/KwRFn31Ao3k
  4. Tropical Moss.

    Can anyone suggest any moss species to use as for a moss mix to get something going on the back ground? at the moment I have these in mind but I'm not sure if they work in the moss milkshake method. Taxiphyllum sp. "peacock" Vesicularia sp. "mini Xmas" Sphagnum for moisture
  5. Fungus Flies

    I've seen a drop in the amount of gnats getting stuck on the flypaper which is good. As a newbie I was worried this would be a big problem for a newly planted viv but I can see it's more of an annoyance. The Viv is sprayed 3 times a day for 20 seconds ish. The false bottom isn't filling up with water at all. I've been spraying this way for 3 weeks now since the viv was setup. I also have the fans come on for about 1 - 1.5hours after misting. Since this is an almost sealed viv. That clears the glass off and apparently is good for the Broms to have some air movement. The spring tail population seems to have exploded so I'm taking that as a good sign. They have cleared all the fluffy mould that first appeared. I dumped about 5 small cultures in there 3 weeks ago and now the little buggers are everywhere! Thanks for the tips guys.
  6. Perfect. I seem to have the plant bug. I only started mid November but I've just bought another viv and need the extra parts. Now if only I could find quality nozzles at half the price..
  7. Tropical Moss.

    Can anyone suggest a moss species to use in a dartfrog tank? I'm aware that our native mosses die after a short space of time as they are not used to the constant humidity and light. I need to cover the background with moss so I'm wondering what species of moss can I use to accomplish this using the "moss paste" method to ensure I get growth all over. (Everything going well.) At the moment I'm looking to buy the Epiweb Moss mix from dartfrog.co.uk but it seems rather expensive for a 50g bag of moss.
  8. I found these on ebay. Less than half the prices of Mistking items and seem better made. Rated up to 150psi (Mistking pump only goes to 125psi) I've ordered a couple of the 6mm fittings, I'll give them a test and see how they go. Has any one else used 3rd party pneumatic connectors? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pneumatic-Push-In-Fittings-Connectors-for-Air-or-Water-Hose-Push-Fit-Tubing-/271258012730?var=&hash=item3f283ccc3a:m:mpc1V-mh-x4beE61G9hDdBQ
  9. New Member - New Viv

    Thanks for the info and extra plant sources. I may well add a few vents to the top of the vivarium. At the moment I just have the fans running to keep the air moving within the vivarium for 5-6 hours a day. This seems to dry most of the leaves and foliage off for a period before misting. Thanks again for the plants. All seems to be settling in with new offshoots forming and new growth appearing.
  10. Fungus Flies

    About 3 months off. I need to move the Viv to our house after refurb is complete. Also want to ensure temps are consistent. Right now it's sitting on the carpet in a rented house. Wanted to give it a few months to grow in. For now the yellow fly paper has trapped most of the flying insects and the vinegar, dish soap a few more. I guess I'll just leave traps up for a few weeks to try and kill them off that way. I can't kill the larva without impacting the other microfauna.. So I'll just have to limit the amount of breading the adults get to do. There isn't a chance of me letting the Viv dry out considering the time and money spent on plants and Moses.
  11. Fungus Flies

    Seems I have an outbreak of these flies I'd like to keep under control. The larva eat the roots of plants and they are prolific breeders. I've added some yellow fly paper for the moment. I don't have frogs as yet because the Viv is still growing in. I was wondered if anyone else has experience getting rid of them.
  12. Vivarium Mould. Should I Worry?

    Must buy more springtails and lay off of "custodian fuel" I was sold do they eat the mould instead then..
  13. I have a newly planted vivarium. A week or so old. It's misted twice a day at the moment to help the moss set in and has the air circulated for 3 hours each day. I have a fair amount of spring tails in the Viv but the don't climb the back wall. There are no frogs in the tank. I've noticed some mould growing on the background composed of substrate and silicone. Is this normal? Should I worry about it?
  14. 20170108 224821

  15. 20170108 224908