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  1. new build help

    hi all, looking at doing a new build and im after some advice im looking at doing my first proper big build and wanted some pointers, im looking on going large so at least 90lx45wx60h , im wanting to include a waterfall and stream maybe a small pond at the end , im looking to have my trio of peacock day geckos in with the darts, what kind of dart would u reccommend for a setup of this size, i already keep leaucs any pointers will be great
  2. Leucs Viv Size

    Hi all, I'm in the process of setting up my first five for some Leucs, and what I wanted to know is what size group could I keep happily in it. It's a 90x45x45 exo terra I've removed the mesh and silicone perspex in its place and used fine mesh in the front air inlet to keep the flies in . So what could I keep in the happily
  3. Shelving What Do You Use

    Going to be in the back room , might just cover the metal in wood that should hide it
  4. Shelving What Do You Use

    thats what i was thinking mrs doesnt like the look though
  5. Hi all want to get a couple of tanks setup but what do you all use to stack them. Any helps/links would be handy
  6. Froglet Help !!!

    ok cool i didnt know if that would be to large for the humidity but i guess not
  7. Froglet Help !!!

    As long as it works and Would u stick a small pin head hole each air for some air flow as that's what I did when incubating eggs
  8. Froglet Help !!!

    I've just the tubs before I'm my incubator and use draft excluder round the top making them pretty air tight
  9. Froglet Help !!!

    Hi all , looking at getting some froglet's and wondered what would be the best way to quarantine them, could I use some large rubs filled with spagnum Moss and hides or would this not be OK
  10. Hi All New Here

    i was thinking of getting 3 l60xw45xh45 perhaps even 90l but dont know if thats over kill
  11. Hi All New Here

    yeah my plan was to set up a few vivs, but i was confused on size i was looking at bumble bee darts and some azearus. Not in the same viv of course.
  12. Hi All New Here

    Hi all, thought I would say I'm new here and looking into getting into the world of frogs, darts especially, I'm wanting to build a nice display tank and perhaps breeding. I was looking at starting dendrobrates leucomelas or blue asurus. Any advice would be good can they be kept in groups and what size enclosure