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  1. Costa Rica Trip

    We went to Costa Rica a few years ago, towards the North. He Arenal volcano and Monteverde were both stunning, we did a bit of a tour and stayed for a few nights at both locations. Arenal at dawn is probably one of the most beautiful scenes I've ever witnessed.
  2. Anyone Working With O.pumilio 'charco La Pava'?

    I haven't actively looked for another female but haven't seen any for sale either, could be nice though if funds allow lol
  3. Anyone Working With O.pumilio 'charco La Pava'?

    I've had them about two years I think. The male calls daily but never seen any eggs to date! The female is so plump she looks like an orange grape lol. Could be two males I suppose but I don't think so. They are stunners either way
  4. Anyone Working With O.pumilio 'charco La Pava'?

    I've got a pair but not had any youngsters from them at all
  5. Springtail And Woodlice Question

    They all get the same basic setup, an under bed storage tub with vivarium substrate mix. The greys get dried oak leaves and elder sticks that they eat and the browns get some dead oak wood. I feed the three species on springtail food, each have different feeding habits. The whites have a few little patches that helps concentrate them underneath. Greys have a single small patch and the browns have the food dusted over the substrate lightly. Not too much for any of them because this encourages mites
  6. Springtail And Woodlice Question

    I've never put orange woodlice in a viv but I'd imagine their babies will hide too much to be eaten? They are Spanish versions of our Porcellio scaber and easy enough to culture although very slow because they reproduce only in the spring to early summer. There's three species of dwarf woodlice that are useful as feeders/janitors; white, grey and purple/brown. They all have different living habits, white are subterranean (live underground) grey are the biggest and quite sedate during the day. They like dryer areas in the viv and tend to hide on wood or leaves. The Purple/brown are the smallest and fastest of the three and love very wet areas. Again they hide under wood, leaves etc but make an appearance regularly. If you can get them then culture all three, variety is the spice of life after all
  7. Cleaning Glass Front And Lid

    I use one of those underbed storage boxes. Fill a few inches deep with hot water and a good slug of vinegar then use a kitchen sponge to give them a quick scrub, dry thoroughly with kitchen roll and they're done
  8. Springtail And Woodlice Question

    Woodlice are easy to culture and the frogs love them so well worth doing even if they won't be productive enough to be a staple. I culture mine in underbed storage tubs and have had them boom in the past; three different species producing hundreds per month but have had disasters with them a few months back. They're on the up again now though thankfully
  9. Out In The Wilderness?

    Welcome to the forum and hobby We're all pretty much out on a limb, the hobby is still very small but growing rapidly
  10. Three Turned Into Four!

    Now I'm totally baffled, the one I saw calling this morning isn't the original male! I've just been watching the two of them call together and are following the 'new' one around calling constantly. I've seen eggs this week for the first time in ages which is nice too
  11. Three Turned Into Four!

    I've just had the pleasure of watching my Esperanza and have found that the trio is now a quartet lol. I only usually catch the odd glimpse of these guys so to see four adults was a bit of a welcome surprise. What I think is the 'new' one was being called to by the male and I noticed one adult female being grasped in the amplexus position by what I thought would be the other female? No calling here but was in a very dimly lit area so it was difficult to see the frogs. The viv is very heavily planted so now I'm wondering if and how often everyone strips their vivs Gotta love he little pleasures of dart keeping Cheers Huw
  12. Starting With Fruit Flys

    Don't use smash though, it has milk powder and will stink lol. Check the ingredients to make sure there's no milk in the one you buy
  13. Starting With Fruit Flys

    Hi, FF's are easy enough to culture. There's two main flightless species; hydei and melanogaster (Mel's) Mel's being much smaller but have a faster reproductive rate compared to hydei. It's well worth culturing both but not in the same container You need to start cultures weekly to ensure a continuous supply. They tend to be boom and bust, when the larvae morph to adult flies they will be overcrowded and quickly dry out and die within a week IME. How many to start will depend on how many frogs you get but one a week is plenty for a pair or so. Media for culturing is very simple, I just use readybrek and potato flakes, a dash of dry yeast and orange juice to moisten. Keep the cultures warm, an unseated shed will likely bee too cold in the winter. They can smell a bit and produce mites so keep them somewhere that this won't be an issue
  14. Reusing Vivs

    Haha you're going to have to be quick lol Fingers crossed I'll be able to make the chocolate making a permanent thing, get away from all the nonsense that's still going on. Working with the public sucks
  15. Reusing Vivs

    Thanks guys, I'll look into the F10. Richie, you're a gent, I'd forgotten all about that lol! I quite fancy changing the vivs to all arboreal and sticking with pums and maybe Ranitomeya. Will have to think hard about this though, cash isn't good atm especially with me spending so much on my new chocolate venture Thank you Stu, I'm kind of getting bored of constantly being kicked in the dang lies by life lol. Seems every time things start looking up something happens that's even more stressful than before! There really can't be much else left to go wrong apart from the completely unthinkable! Wish I had a good vet to use but those I know of are only really good for cats and dogs, my 'diagnosis' was more an educated guess really On the plus side this has given me room to shuffle some frogs around and make changes to the vivs, I'm sure I can fit more in somehow too lol