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  1. Racking/shelving

    Each comes with 5 shelves but obviously for vivs only three would be needed. Shelves can be placed anywhere although it makes since to have one at the top and another close to the bottom. I bought 18" wide but there's 2ft wed too. The bloke lives in Boston. This is very strong stuff uprights are 3mm by dug is less than 1mm. The uprights are all one piece. Technically you could buy 2 racks and use the spare shelves to create an extra rack bolted on between the other two shelves. At 3mm thick the uprights are man enough to support extra shelves. You'll need a 9ft of space though. Thinking about it you could support two racks with only 6 uprights if you wanted. Kev
  2. Racking/shelving

    If anyone's after shelving for a frog house. There's a bloke got 200 of these for sale. I've bought 5 they are heavy duty 3mm steel. 3ft wide in 3 different depths. PM me if interested and I'll provide his contact details Kev
  3. Climbing Mantellas

    Matt I swapped the adults I just have around 8 adolescents. I'll let you know when I have young.
  4. Climbing Mantellas

    Quite pleased with the climbing mantellas I have bred. The young are now fully grown and calling but no eggs yet from these. These are excellent frogs, easy to breed not at all shy and look great.
  5. First Benadicta

    The call is extremely quiet compared to other frogs. Mine were breeding and I didn't hear anything
  6. Shelving What Do You Use

    Bug dug can be picked up cheap on eBay sometimes. I must say They are also a good company I needed extra connectors for the uprights for a job lot I bought off eBay. I rang them and they sent me a load for free!
  7. Exo Terra Help Please

    Why are you asking ? That particular sized mesh is no use for keeping fruitflies in. 0.5mm would be good. Kev
  8. Skinny Leucs

    Bastien, I don't think so Tincs did stop breeding during the real hot weather a few months back. I've just recently put the oil filled radiator back in to keep temps up. three different type of tincs, galactonosus and terribilis are all breeding so I'm not thinking its too much heat with the leucs. They are low down too, only around 25c which should be about right. Kev
  9. Skinny Leucs

    Miles, Thanks for your reply. Viv Conditions are all good all my frogs are in a frog room kept at around 26c, there are no stagnant mouldy conditions etc. I keep a small water tub in the Viv which I change every couple of days. I have no idea of the sexes as I've never heard any calling, when I've kept these before they were breeding within a year and calling a lot. I'm guessing these are all the same sex but not 100%. My guess is they Could be just duff frogs due to bad husbandry. The person who I got them from is a bit of a dealer in herps and wasn't looking after them properly as babies and mixed them up with tincs. I'm wondering whether they got contaminated with something. I also got some citronella tincs off of the same person, which were all washed out yellow and it took a couple of months for them to turn to the proper colour. Don't think he was giving them the right supplements. The leucs do eat well but as I said two of them are very skinny. I suppose it could be stress but I never had a problem with leucs squabbling like tincs do. Kev
  10. Skinny Leucs

    Thanks Bastien, I've isolated them in a large plastic box lined with moss to make administering the drops easier. I might swap the moss after a week too lower the chances of re-infection. Not sure worms is actually the problem as one of them is pretty plump. Worth a try though maybe if they put weight on following treatment. Kev
  11. Skinny Leucs

    Hi guys, I've a viv with three leucs two which have been unhealthily skinny for around six months, the third isn't particularly fat either. I'm thinking parasites/worms. I have some Levacol but the instructions are ambiguous as follows. '7 days 1 drip on back of frog' does this mean 1 drop every day for 7 days ? Thanks Kev
  12. Help Needed, Springtails Crashing In Viv

    Springs don't like it too wet but I'd guess your frogs are hoovering them up before they really get established. If you move the frogs from the tank you'll find the springtails boom. My terribilis tanks are teeming with them cos the terribilis don't touch them.
  13. Lens For Frog Photogaphy

    It's worth noting that the professional canon cameras, not sure about Nikon have a feature that allows for the correction of chromatic abberation of canon lenses. It not only corrects for the expensive L series lenses but also the cheap kit lenses. Meaning you can use the cheap lenses and get excellent results.
  14. Fern Rhizome Not Tree Fern

    Raw material And in viv. There's some bog oak in there and some wellingtonia bark on the back. The mosses and ferns especially like the fern to grow on.
  15. Aphids

    Lots of aphids on nettles at the mo. I also had a few off some honeysuckle in my garden. It's probably a bit late now but I found my terribilis gorge on those St Marks flies no other dendros area will touch them though. You've probably seen the flies they are those big black things with long black legs that swarm over bushes in the spring. There's still probably some still around up north. Kev