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  1. best type of lights

    https://www.ultraleds.co.uk/cool-white-extreme-brightness-5630-led-strip-tape-5m.html There's some good stuff out there if you look around, 3360 Lumens p/m!
  2. best type of lights

    I went the LED route too, using LED tape (High brightness stuff, not the cheapo under kitchen cabinet stuff). This allowed me to control the lighting and produce decent day\night cycles plus silly stuff like this:
  3. Cork trunk build

    How is the Listada doing? I've always had trouble keeping the leaves dry long enough for them to not rot.
  4. Hi all

    Definitely have to meet up - I don't think it was me, I've always been a tinc man! Still some bits to finish but the frog rooms almost done:
  5. Hi all

    There's a few of us down here now, maybe enough for a meet up?
  6. Dendrobates Tinctorius Nominat

    Now Proven! (At last).
  7. Phyllobates terribilis

    It's the NZ soft stuff Exo Terra used to do , 250 exo terra panels and god knows how much silicone...
  8. Phyllobates terribilis

    The top one is from kevin du rose (about 18 months OOTW), the second is from the Netherlands - slightly worried about the green colouration in the legs, I don't remember that in any of Kev's froglets when they were small...
  9. Phyllobates terribilis

    Phyllobates terribilis growing fast:
  10. Dendrobates Tinctorius Nominat

    Best guessed - still a little small. I've not seen many over here, does anyone else keep this morph?
  11. Picked up these two yesterday: Male: Female:
  12. Dart Frog Tank

    Try this sponsor: http://www.rainforestvivs.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=59
  13. Fern Rhizome Not Tree Fern

    Any photos Kev?
  14. JohnB56, how did you fly proof the lids on the RUBs? I tried these a few years ago but the lids let flies out at all angles!
  15. Hello!

    Welcome! Do you keep any dart frogs or thinking about it?