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  1. Thrifty duo viv

    They must just be sitting and waiting for the flies to walk into their mouths lol (mine do this when there are lots of flies), when they reach maturity they'll have a vicious feeding response mate, been feeding mine moths this week and they are like piranhas!
  2. Thrifty duo viv

    Stunning frog mate.
  3. Tiny new frog

    Amazing, thanks for sharing mate.
  4. Favourite lil viv

    Looks great mate, I can't be doing with FB either.
  5. Terribilis build

    Looking really good there mate.
  6. fruit fly culture media

    Repashy here, never tried any alternatives so can't really comment on anything else.
  7. Amesiella phillipinensis flowering

    I've done the same before mate ha ha. If you need any advice on positioning/watering etc just give me a shout.
  8. Green stripe trivs

    Beautiful mate, Trivs would be my next choice if I had room.
  9. First of my orchids to flower in viv, smells great too.
  10. Thrifty duo viv

    They'll get there mate, mine were shy and jumpy at the same age. I remember one of yours them having quite orange lateral stripes, hopefully it'll keep that colour into adulthood.
  11. Thrifty duo viv

    Looks excellent mate.
  12. Thrifty duo viv

    Nice hardscape mate, looking forward to seeing it planted up.
  13. Phyllobates Bicolor

    Starting to colour up nicely there.
  14. best moss to use

    Hi, The only moss I have ever had any success with has hitchhiked in on orchids that I have purchased, it needs to be kept wet and have good lighting, it only really took off when I upgraded my lights from t5s to higher output leds and only really seems to grow near the roots of the orchids (wetter here due to watering), unfortunately I'm unsure of the species (could even just be sphagnum). Tropical rather than local moss will probably fare better, hopefully some one with more moss growing experience will chime in on the subject. Cheers.
  15. merry christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone here, hope you all have a great new year.