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  1. Phyllobates Bicolor

    No worries Rob, I'll save two for you.
  2. Phyllobates Bicolor

    Yes, some should hopefully be ready to go in November. They are great frogs for sure, I've really been captivated since first seeing them too.
  3. Phyllobates Bicolor

    They're smashing through the dusted Hydei already.
  4. Stranger things!

    It's great to see the albino next to the sibling, that is going to be a very cool looking frog. Please keep us updated.
  5. Phyllobates Bicolor

    Thanks for the info Gordon. It's been nice seeing them develop and so quickly compared to my Mysteriosus.
  6. Phyllobates Bicolor

    One of the four tads now has front and back legs, the other three look to to have fronts popping soon. Two more have been transported into the gulley and another 8 eggs are developing nicely.
  7. Tad advice appreciated pls

    Great news and that's a great photo too.
  8. Peperomia albovittata

    Can confirm that this species does well in vivarium conditions, propagates easily from cuttings (like most peperomias). I now have both variegated and un-variegated.
  9. Peperomia Homebase

    Been picking up some nice Peperomia species from Homebase recently. Here is P.angulata (lower) and P.Albovittata.
  10. My two vivariums

    The plants are Pilea involucrata. Yes, it can be a bit busy here lol.
  11. Built in viv

    Very nicely done!
  12. They are enjoying the wax moths very much.
  13. My two vivariums

    Hi, Thought I'd share a photo of my two vivs, up top is a pair of Excidobates mysteriosus, and the lower contains the trio of Phyllobates bicolor. Set up both in November after the frogs had spent time in temporary accommodation after vivs broken during a house move. No plans to keep any more species at the moment, it's about all I can manage with a full time job and two children, however I do have a retirement plan.
  14. Phyllobates Bicolor

    4 out of the 9 eggs made it, not too bad for a first clutch.
  15. Phyllobates Bicolor

    Couple of photos from the last few days.