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  1. Pilea at Morrison's

    Picked up a nice hanging basket of Pilea glauca at Morrison's for £3.
  2. Peat plates for substrate?

    Thank you for the advice. I really like the simplicity of the peat plates but after reading up I'm a little worried about the environmental aspect of using peat. I've decided to go with a mix of orchid bark, leaf mould, charcoal, tree fern and a little chopped moss. I have some nice creepers that will hopefully spread well with this mix, we shall see.
  3. Anyone use peat plates for substrate? If so how do you plant them?
  4. Expanding Foam

    Sounds interesting, is polyester board different to expanded polystyrene? If so where do you source your sheets?
  5. Picked up a nice one for £3 from Homebase today, anyone tried growing this in a vivarium? Also Morrisons have large Pilea depressa for £3 at the moment.
  6. Phyllobates bicolor

  7. Phyllobates Bicolor

    Yep, they're from Emily. :-) Starting to see the smaller one a lot more now too.
  8. Phyllobates Bicolor

    Finally managed to pick up two 3 month old froglets the other day, really pleased as they are lovely looking frogs. Both are eating well and spending lots of time foraging in the leaf litter. I hope to maybe add another one once I've had chance to build a larger viv.
  9. Jungle Dawn?

    Thanks for the advice. :-)
  10. Jungle Dawn?

    I'm currently running T5's on my 70x40x40 and was thinking of trying the jungle dawn to get some more colour on the Neoregelia and Crypthanthus, any recommendations on what size and how many bulbs I'll need for a viv this size?
  11. Tips On Keeping Mysties?

    Yes mate, near St Austell :-)
  12. Tips On Keeping Mysties?

    Hi everyone. Stu has been helping me with trying to get my group 1.3.0 to take a break from breeding and so far so good! I've had one small clutch laid in 3.5 weeks which has been a massive improvement! I've had to freeze and dispose of a lot of eggs over the last few months, which has been a difficult thing to do. I recently put up an advert on here and another forum for the sale of the froglets which I thought would be ready at the end of October (3 months ootw.). Reading this thread this evening has made me feel bad as I did not know that Mysti's shouldn't be sold until the 6 month mark. I am going to alter the adverts to reflect this. Stu is right, these are special frogs indeed. I'm so glad I chose them for my first darts. I'm afraid I'm a bit of a lurker/reader on the forums, I'll try to hang out a bit more and get to know you guys a bit better, just difficult with real life stuff.
  13. Phyllobates Bicolor

    Terribilis would be my next choice, always had a soft spot for them. Will keep you posted as to whether I manage to find some bicolor. Also, thank you for your kind offer, i'ts a shame about the distance.
  14. Season' S Greetings

    Merry Christmas:-)