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  1. Built in viv

    Very nicely done!
  2. They are enjoying the wax moths very much.
  3. My two vivariums

    Hi, Thought I'd share a photo of my two vivs, up top is a pair of Excidobates mysteriosus, and the lower contains the trio of Phyllobates bicolor. Set up both in November after the frogs had spent time in temporary accommodation after vivs broken during a house move. No plans to keep any more species at the moment, it's about all I can manage with a full time job and two children, however I do have a retirement plan.
  4. Phyllobates Bicolor

    4 out of the 9 eggs made it, not too bad for a first clutch.
  5. Phyllobates Bicolor

    Couple of photos from the last few days.
  6. Phyllobates Bicolor

    I thought I had three males... but after lots of calling and jumping about over the last few days I found a clutch of 9 eggs in the coco hut this evening.
  7. Thanks for the help guys. I've bought some waxworms today and put them in a cricket tub to morph into moths. Looking into the silverfish/firebrats, are they easy to culture?
  8. I found this thread that covers the subject well.
  9. Hi all, I currently feed my P.bicolor a mix of dusted hydei, bean beatles and tropical isopods. I've noticed greater interest and a much more aggressive feeding response to the larger feeder insects, I fed small crickets once and they loved them but didn't try again for fear of my plants being eaten. I was thinking of trying lesser wax moths as an occasional treat. Does anyone out there keeping Phylobates species have any advice on other suitable larger feeders? Kind regards.
  10. Good stuff, I need to order some more cups, may give this a go.
  11. Hi all

    Hi and welcome back.
  12. Pilea at Morrison's

    Picked up a nice hanging basket of Pilea glauca at Morrison's for £3.
  13. Peat plates for substrate?

    Thank you for the advice. I really like the simplicity of the peat plates but after reading up I'm a little worried about the environmental aspect of using peat. I've decided to go with a mix of orchid bark, leaf mould, charcoal, tree fern and a little chopped moss. I have some nice creepers that will hopefully spread well with this mix, we shall see.
  14. Anyone use peat plates for substrate? If so how do you plant them?
  15. Expanding Foam

    Sounds interesting, is polyester board different to expanded polystyrene? If so where do you source your sheets?