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  1. 5 frogs one cup

    Great photo mate!
  2. as my dart frog got health problems

    Great to hear there has been some improvement.
  3. as my dart frog got health problems

    How's the frog doing? Any improvement?
  4. Terribilis build

    Excellent mate, I love the phyllobates calls.
  5. as my dart frog got health problems

    It's probably a good idea to separate/quarantine that particular frog. Do you know of any vets that are experienced with amphibians in your area?
  6. More celebrating mediocrity!

    Brilliant stuff Jon, glad it worked out.
  7. Terribilis build

    They're looking really great mate, mine enjoy some occasional maggots too.
  8. More celebrating mediocrity!

    Cool, let us know how this pans out.
  9. Tiiiiiiiiiiiny success

    Great photo mate, lovely frogs.
  10. Orchid blooms

    Lovely little plant that. The smallest I have is Schoenorchis fragrans, I have it mounted on cork up high in the mysti viv, it gets a spray once a day.
  11. Orchid blooms

    Would love to see a photo if you could get one mate, maybe you could try a magnifying glass/camera combo? I've got well into the orchids, not sure if I can cram any more species into my two vivs though (maybe some Barbosella species ).
  12. Orchid blooms

    Scaphosepalum verrucosum, these are tiny so sorry for the sub par phone photo.
  13. Orchid blooms

  14. Orchid blooms

    Restrepia brachypus and Aerangis fastuosa blooms from this morning.
  15. dart frogs needs

    I bet they'd all really enjoy the extra height, would be a good chance to create some nice levels with wood/vines etc. Any reason for choosing the exo terra?Have you considered having a viv custom built (it's not as expensive as you think)?