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  1. New Vivarium Build

    There is more ground space than it looks and alot of the plants on the ground will grow up (fingers crossed). The effect I am trying for is a bit of a shaded floor with most of the foliage a little higher up. But totally agree have filled a viv with plants and only see the frogs once a week. That's one of the main reasons I am keeping them in another viv until I am happy with this one, it's easier and less stress to the frogs to rearrange the viv if needed without them in there. Will try to put some better pics up soon although I am using my phone to take them ;-) Thanks for the advice Kris
  2. New Vivarium Build

    few bits moved,added and removed, been like this for over a week now plants looking good and springs thriving. got leucos ready to go in 6 to start off with and as they mature will take a pair out and move them to the 45cm cube that they are temperately in now.
  3. Hi From A New Guy

    Hi dave nice choice of frogs just got my first leuco's and now want all the different morphs I see ;-) have seen some blue foots for sale at Dartfrog.Co.UK a while back so maybe worth trying there.I completely agree frogs are great change to working in aquatics. Cheers Kris
  4. Ok, I found some nice liverwort in a plant pot in the garden so gave it a good clean and put it in my new viv, will see how it goes
  5. Just wanted to hear people's opinions on adding liverwort and lichen to vivariums is there any issues? Or benefits?
  6. First Tank

    What size is the viv? And some broms would give some shade
  7. First Tank

    Nice landscaping the creepers will look great over that background :-) and love the fittonia, what are you going to keep in there?
  8. New Vivarium Build

    Needs a little time and trying a few new plants in there but hopefully will grow in nicely. Will look better with frogs in ;-)
  9. New Vivarium Build

    ok silly amounts of spring tails and woods in over the past few days, plants in and a good layer of oak leafs just waiting for some catappa leafs to put on top. now to give it some time to settle, got my eye on some leucos so when it looks ready in they go
  10. New Vivarium Build

    silicone and coco all on now and a lip made of xaxim panels on the edge of the false bottom next I put a thin layer of hydro balls on then covered them with a mesh and put some fine gravel in front channel next i added a layer of sphagnum moss and the heat cable then substrate on top and gave it a good soaking
  11. Exo Terra Monsoon Rs400 Rain System

    I have been using the monsoon for 8 months now and had no problem with it apart from how many nozzles it will do but for a couple of small vivs it will do ok
  12. I like the idea of that lol
  13. I have a 60x45x60 vivarium and was wondering how many d. Leucomelas could be house in it, l have read so many different opinions from 2-8 I was thinking around 4 or 5. Any advice would be helpful Cheers Kris
  14. New Vivarium Build

    ok may have gone a little over the top with the foam in places, so after it cured I removed the bits where there was too much and stuffed them in where there was not enough next I started adding the HA6 brown silicon with a cake icing tool and pressed dried coco peat into it ( I have used the lucky reptile one as I find this easier to break up than others and have had issues with small bits of plastic in the exo terra and komodo blocks) unfortunately I ran out of silicone about 3/4 of the way through so just waiting for more to arrive before I can continue.
  15. New Vivarium Build

    hi all just thought I would do a step by step on my new viv. Any questions, comments, help and tips are more than welcome. the idea for this one is to have it for more arboreal frogs still undecided which ones yet either leucos or some thumb nails unless any one has any other suggestions? firstly the vivarium is a reptile one rtf - 600ht (60x45x60cm) to start with I used green house plastic to make a false bottom as its not that strong I added a few supports next I positioned the cork bark, a couple of plant pots and some wood with silicone then added the expanding foam to the gaps and waiting for it to fully cure T.B.C.