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  1. Why are my Mystie tadpoles developing SLS?

    That's the theory and it's at least plausible. I have no opinion . Best of luck with your breeding Ironsides. Mysties are nice little things. Nick
  2. Why are my Mystie tadpoles developing SLS?

    Mysties are one of the few common hobby spp that I have never kept, so probably not best placed to comment. But, there are several things that 'they' say about this particular sp and SLS. As above, temperature and temperature consistency may be important, as is nutrition (for all species). The age of the adults at the point of breeding may be important - definitely more issues with frogs breeding in a hurry. For mysties in particular, I know people have placed developing tads under UVB and this apparently helps. I do wonder, however, (given the penetration depth of UVB in water) if this has more to do with temperature. Nick
  3. Site Upgrade

    Took me by surprise, but it's great on Android!
  4. Yes - I used to buy mine from a place called Wrekin (SP?) on eBay. Probably the same things. Much better quality, bigger variety and cheaper than any dart-specific ones I've used. Free postage too, even on a 50p T-piece! The only misting components I would buy elsewhere these days are the non-drip nozzles from Dartfrog which, IMO, are still the best! Nick
  5. Message For Stu

    Stu - I've been trying to PM you but you can't receive. I've dropped you an email. If you could get in touch, that would be great. Cheers, Nick
  6. Want To Know Everyone's Opinion.

    The legal framework, like Miles says, is very clear. But, historically, the rules have been so variably (and often loosely) enforced that we all have a bit of a false sense of security! This has all been discussed before. As for the ethics of it all, my view (and I have been told that I'm wrong on many occasions ;-)) is that it doesn't help to talk/think about this in very black and white terms - e.g. if you keep vanzolinii captive bred for 10 generations you are as culpable as someone knowingly buying smuggled frogs off the boat. To me, that's just making excuses for bad behaviour. We all know right and wrong and I am sure that most owners of 1st and 2nd generation smuggled frogs know full well what they are doing, however they justify it. The only answer is for ownership of 'new' frogs that have not been legally exported to be seen as unacceptable in the hobby, and for two or three generations thereafter. Unfortunately we still have a situation where the need to be seen with the new big thing is often more important to people than what's right. Anyway, interesting thread. Hope it continues because there is definitely no consensus on where the line should be drawn! Nick
  7. The Mixed Tank

    Send them a letter. I'm sure they'll be receptive to rational, sensible and/or constructive criticism. It will be a simple equation in the keeper's mind as Tappers says - crowds to please, lots of spp to display and limited space. They have a different perspective and different responsibilities and it might be worth pointing out to them that what they can get away with in a professional environment should not be promoted as best practice to a general audience who may want to replicate the display with little or no knowledge of how to manage it responsibly... Nick
  8. Tesoros Has The Go Ahead!!!

    I just hope he hasn't forgotten about the Andinobates!! Nick
  9. Tesoros Has The Go Ahead!!!

    Remember that we're not talking about a dodgy shipment of manky, diseased, all-male sylvatica here. These will be quality, healthy, captive bred frogs with a decent sex ratio - i.e. they should breed for those with pockets deep enough to acquire them in the first place!! A few years down the line, touch wood, they should be within most people's grasp. We know from the redheads that when healthy CB frogs get into the right hands, they can be quite productive. A bit of patience required. Chins up folks ;-) Nick
  10. Advances In Captive Husbandry

    I distributed a few cultures to people some time ago. I don't keep them myself anymore, but may start again when I have time. They're quite common in leaf litter etc. so if you sift out the bugs from some garden waste or turn over a few logs I'm sure you'll find them. I just kept them on damp bark chips and dropped lettuce on top from time to time. They do better in deeper cultures (i.e. pint pots) as they seem to like to migrate up and down. I used a kitchen sieve to separate them from the cultures. I had a photo but I can't find it..... They're particularly good in Ranitomeya vivs, because the adults are too large to eat and survive pretty well. The supply of juveniles works as a constant trickle of food. Nick
  11. Advances In Captive Husbandry

    Lots of very good points. The record keeping, responsible selling and maintaining multiple populations of certain spp. are all very close to my heart. Nutritionally we can always do better, but at the same time I'm not overly concerned. Tomocerus minor are easy to culture on lettuce leaves if you can get a few together to start off. Best, Nick
  12. More to the point, what happened to all of the morphs that were around 5 or 6 years ago? The Nancy's, Almirante's & Colons of this world that were quite common back then and now rarely heard of? Is it fashion, which would be a shame, or is it practical/technical difficulties of maintaining pumilio populations in captivity over several generations? Nick
  13. Redhead Histrionica Question

    I know better than to get into a discussion about UV!! No, I don't provide and IMO these frogs do not differ to others in terms of their UV requirements - i.e. desirable but not essential. If I could do a complete re-design and had unlimited cash I would build in UV, but.... Needing UV for the red to come through is a myth - this guy had none.... Genetic? Dietary? I don't know, but not reliant on UV exposure either way.
  14. Redhead Histrionica Question

    100cm wide x 50cm deep x 75cm high for a 2.1 trio and one unsexed offspring. They're not being as productive as I know they can be, but to be honest I've not exactly been 'trying' with them (okay, it's the frogs that do the work but you know what I mean ;-)). The way they use the viv I would be reluctant do downsize them but, again, they can obviously do well in smaller vivs. Nick
  15. Lupin Aphid

    Sat here in front of the box watching Paul Weller, and soon to be watching the Who (who I was lucky enough to see live a couple of months ago) pondering my trip to see David Gilmour in a few months time thinking, Kanye, you may be many things, but you're not the greatest living rock star... You're just... Not...!!!