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  1. Ameerega Trivittata Red

    Some pics of my red trivs i got from Dutch Rana at hamm in september. Wild caught imports from Suriname.
  2. Soft Xaxim Panels

    Make sure you use aquarium grade silicone though as the usual silicones used in construction/bathrooms etc will often contain mold inhibitors and chemicals that could harm your frogs.
  3. Vivarium Racking Ideas

    Hi mate, a couple good starting points would be these two websites depending on budget and the look you wish to go for. They are both european sites but you can click to translate the pages. http:// Kind regards, Ross
  4. Intruduction

    Glad to hear you are having better luck health wise! That is some collection you have already. Looking forward to pictures! Regards, Ross
  5. **free Samples**

    **FREE SAMPLES** UK only After many years trying and testing different products, I can now offer the best food source to successfully breed springtails that I have personally come across! This is the same mix used to culture the springtails we sell and also feed to our own frogs. To receive your free sample, just like and share our facebook page, then inbox me with the address you would like your free sample to be shipped to. http://www.facebook.com/amphibianforest?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Larger bags are available to purchase here http://www.amphibianforest.co.uk/sto…/…/Springtail_Food.html Kind Regards, Ross
  6. Escudo Baby's

    Congratulations on them! There wont be any need to change anything husbandry wise such as feeding more or misting more as your current routine is obviously doing the trick. Neither would hurt though. I would advise to stock up on springtails, as the juveniles will certainly be needing a steady supply once metamorphosed. You may also want to add a couple of extra tadpole deposition sites such as bromeliads or film canisters attached to the sides of the vivarium at an angle that will hold water should you wish/need to give them more options. Although i would lean more towards the film cannisters for now as they will create less disturbance in the vivarium and wont need time to establish and run the risk of dying whilst holding the tadpoles. Good luck with them! Regards, Ross
  7. **free Samples**

    Yes mate, due to work and life commitments i cant give the site the time needed currently im afraid. Kind regards, Ross
  8. **free Samples**

    Your welcome, im glad everything arrived as it should! Please come back to me with an honest review of the products once tried and tested. Regards, Ross
  9. The Red Frog Story

    A new video of Red frog beach bastimentos in their natural habitat and the issues they and the island are facing due to human intervention. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DO8jAditfAk]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DO8jAditfAk The website also https://sites.google.com/site/redfrogstory/home/the-film Regards, Ross
  10. The Red Frog Story

    I think Tappers makes a great example using the Zebra Plec. Re introduction of a frog bred by a hobbyist is extremely unlikely to say the least in my opinion.The potential for captivity to be the only place to see them in years to come, is a real issue with a large number of species we successfully keep as hobbyists whether fish or frog though! Anyone seen any in situ pictures of an Highland Sirensis or even an Azureus lately? Just because a frog is bred in abundance in the hobby, it doesnt mean they are abundant in the wild. Vice versa too, a rare frog in hobby terms, may be abundant in the wild. As we have seen with the Red frog beach and Tappers fish example, this can rapidly change in the wild due to a number of pressures, anything from human intervention such as a holiday resort or Dam or something such as disease eg Bd or even both! Its a scary thought of how rapidly things can negatively change in the wild and it takes many more years to recover, if thats even possible! We see trends in the hobby also! Many species have been the "in" thing to have, bred in numbers, dropped in price and not been regarded in the same way as before and seemingly dwindled in numbers and availability to the point of being considered "rare" again....Orange Terribilis? Too often we see one or two successful people originally breeding certain species such as ameerega bassleri sisa, ranitomeya reticulata, Adelphobates Castaneoticus and people obtaining their breeding stock from one or even the only available person here. Leading to worries of the possibilities of obtaining unrelated pairings. Where do we go for that? Europe? the wild? But what if thats no longer viable? But then people dont seem to bother and it leads to the above example or severe inbreeding which may or may not become an issue in several years with certain species. Yet again RECORD KEEPING is key in my opinion! But not only that, people like yourselves passionate about what they keep and whenever possible people keeping more than one unrelated pairings of a morph to help in any way possible with the gene pool. Why? Not because what we keep is "going back" anytime soon but because there just may not be be any more "coming here" either. And sooner or later what we keep in captivity may be the only representatives left! (I truly hope not) If that was the case, would in a number of years re introduction be spoken about with captive populations from hobbyists....hmm....maybe.....just maybe but i still have my doubts. Are we some sort of Saviors, or herpetologists keeping a species alive.....nope....just hobbyists with a passion and skills learnt to keep and breed the creatures we enjoy. Among ourselves we can create the "purity" we desire to keep as close a slice of nature in our homes as we see fit though. We have created our own standards as a hobby such as anti hybridization, preference on unrelated pairings, keeping localities separate etc but there is always room for improvement in all aspects of husbandry. I just think documentaries like this can hit home the importance of continuing with trying to improve and find new ways of doing this. The monetary value of a frog and popularity in captivity does not always represent the rarity and problems it is facing in the wild. Valuing everything equally when it comes to husbandry/record keeping will make the hobby a better one in my opinion. Regards, Ross
  11. **free Samples**

    Hi Veektoor, the trial offer is no longer available, although the product is available here http://www.amphibianforest.co.uk/store/p69/Springtail_Food.html should you wish. Kroot, Jaize, Its great to hear your both having the same success with the product that i have found and also great to hear all the positive feedback! Cheers Guys. Madlan that is the price Royal Mail charge for shipping first class signed for. The second class signed for option works out cheaper at £3.90. I do not make any profit from shipping any of my products. Kind Regards, Ross
  12. The Red Frog Story

    No worries Alex. Im good thanks Stu, hope your well! As your aware, calling males would be much easier to spot when out collecting leading to male heavy imports of wild caught frogs. Although if collected several years ago this surprises me, as surely if you literally had to watch your step then I would of thought the imports would be much more even in sexes. We are often led to believe that many frogs have been able to thrive in disturbed habitats and utilize "trash" as breeding sites.....clearly not the case here. Another thing i noticed is the narrator saying something along the line of "they are trying to drown the other frog" when wrestling. Yes this could potentially happen but i dont believe it to be the aim of the frogs in my personal opinion. I see the correlation you make between the galacs and the situation these frogs now find themselves in. Some similarities, although i doubt there is some kid next to a dam threatening to kill them unless they get a fiver (sad world we live in) When all is said and done I am glad to see both in captivity and anybody keeping red frog beach bastimentos from legal collections prior to development on the island should not feel guilt like you mention in my opinion. Although I hope they "do best" with the frogs they have. I would love to have a drink at that blokes cafe one day and i respect whats hes done for the frogs...but then again surely that would that make me part of the issue or maybe not? Is it the developers or the tourists, both go hand in hand.... matter of opinion i suppose. Like you say its a tough one... but either way yet again humans are the issue and im guilty of being one of them! Regards Ross
  13. Ensuring Adequate Supplementation

    A little tip is to either spray with a mister or simply blow into the vivarium before you next feed. If you see a number of flies start to move around try leaving it another day and check again. Its easier to judge the amount of livefood left in the vivarium from a previous feed this way and like Kev said they will be more likely to feed straight away if there isnt already an abundance of flies that has been available throughout that day. I have also read somewhere that it can take up to 24 hours for flies to completely remove supplements from themselves, but dont quote me on that as i dont know if, how and when this was tested and may be a myth. Regards, Ross
  14. Christmas Offer

    Not sure what you want for Christmas? Looking for an unusual but rewarding gift for someone in "the hobby?" Until Christmas, I will be offering the Starter MistKing System at a discounted price of only £89.99! http:// To visit my website please click on the link below. http://www.amphibianforest.co.uk/store/p36/Starter_Misting_System.html If you have any questions please feel free to message me. Regards, Ross
  15. Here a some images I have taken of my unsexed trio of Moonshine Galacs. I purchased them at the last Hamm show in September and they are still in quarantine. They have been growing nicely, are as bold as any frog i have ever kept and quickly becoming a favorite of mine! http:// http:// http:// http:// I would like to hear if anybody in the UK is also currently keeping these? I heard that there were at least one other person with them several years ago but im unsure if they are still around. I have not heard of any success breeding them here though? Regards, Ross
  16. **free Samples**

    I look forward to hearing your views Adrian. Thank you for the review (and your order) Gordon. The cost of the shipping and packaging when ordering this item alone may seem a little high but I do not make any profit from the postage as I ship via Royal mails prices for a signed for delivery. I find their service very good, although what you have pointed out is certainly food for thought. Thank you! Also if anybody would like to add their findings of the product here please do so! Kind regards, Ross
  17. Ameerega Trivittata Red

    Cheers guys, I will keep the thread updated as they develop. Its also a loud call!! You cant mistake it for anything else, as it can be heard above all the other frogs i keep.
  18. Ameerega Trivittata Red

    Approximately 12 months after purchasing this pair and tweaking several things to induce breeding I have now been able to update this thread with breeding success! A few months ago i began a "dry spell" in their vivarium by misting less and removed half of the plastic covering that i had added on top of the exo terra mesh lid, so it no longer held in the humidity I placed it on top for. This made the vivarium visibly dry out daily until i hand sprayed, as and when required. (I disconnected the Mistking automated system to allow this to happen) During this time I saw the Trivs a lot less and I didnt hear calling as often as I had. After around 3 months keeping them "dry" I upped my hand misting for a week or two and then reconnected my MistKing system which then sprayed 3 times daily for a minute in the morning and 30 second in the afternoon and evening. Once or twice a week (it varied, no set schedule) I would leave the Mister on for at least 20 minutes to half an hour and completely soak the vivarium. This would guarantee them to be out and seemingly enjoying the rain! Calling would also follow! Lets face it, in the wild when it rains, its not usually for only a few seconds at a time. One thing I noticed was there didnt ever seem enough room in the film canisters for two adult trivs to comfortably be in them together never mind breed, So as they were only in there as hides anyway, i decided to remove most of them and added another cocohut and petri dish in place of them to give an addition spawning spot. (this is where they chose to lay) I also had to rearrange the wood in the vivarium for this to happen. (change of scenery is a variable that may of played its part) I also upped the temperature in the room slightly too. A month or so after making these changes I was gifted with my first Trivittatus eggs from this pair for my troubles Here are a few pictures. I had removed the one clutch of eggs shown and the eggs in the picture with my male guarding, i have left in the vivarium (i removed the coco hut to take the picture) [/url]">http:// [/url]">http:// [/url]">http://http://s48.photobucket.com/user/auratusross/media/triv_zpsfqk7bzh9.jpg.html'> Regards, Ross
  19. Happy Birthday Nick

    Happy belated Birthday mate.
  20. **free Samples**

    Glad you have received it Gordon. Adrian yours is also on its way. Please feel free to give an honest review after trialing it, as I appreciate any constructive criticism. Same goes for all others who have or will be receiving theirs shortly. Regards, Ross
  21. **free Samples**

    If you both would like to try the samples and are not currently using Facebook, I am more than happy to still send you the samples under these circumstances. Please inbox me on here with your address Regards, Ross
  22. Bri Bri Breeding

    In June i bought a sexed pair of Bri Bri that started to breed almost straight away and since then haven't stopped. The first two froglets came out of the water on 10th and 19th of September. Then on the 29th of September i noticed another clutch of eggs and an older clutch that were already tadpoles ready to be transported. After noticing the tadpoles of the older clutch had been transported i was unsure as to whether or not the "new" eggs would also be transported and or fed. I did manage to see the female carrying one of the newest clutch but she didnt transport them all. Possibly because she didnt find enough suitable spots for them or she knew she couldnt feed so many or maybe another reason im unsure. On sunday i was lucky enough to see the female going from brom to brom "checking" on each tadpole/froglet. I knew where 2 were already as i could see they had their front legs and were ready to leave the water, she would stare at these froglets then move along to the next, as she got to the 1 brom axil she stared in and then turned around and laid some unfertilized eggs for a tadpole i didnt know about (i could see the tad moving in the water and around 4 eggs after she moved) presumably this is from the newest clutch of eggs. Yesterday i had a froglet leave the water and the other i knew about left today. BUT to my surprise i also found a clutch of eggs today!! Now this has me wondering if she will continue to feed the last tadpole or maybe she has judged it will no longer need feeding (there may be more but i only know to this one for certain) I have also seen a couple posts in the past that people have noticed their pumilio seem to be able to judge to the day!! that they will no longer need to feed because the tads they have are leaving the water and lay another clutch of eggs! Does anyone know to any links or info on this happening in the wild, or is it because the conditions are right and there is a constant food supply and partner etc there ready in a viv? I am curious to any info on this, as i certainly dont want to put her under any stress whatsoever with the constant breeding that may not happen naturally in the wild? Leaving the water yesterday Todays clutch One of my older froglets All opinions welcome, Ross
  23. Bri Bri Breeding

    A video of one of my tadpoles "begging" my female for feeder eggs and the female laying in response to the tadpoles vibrations and movement. https://www.facebook.com/amphibianforest/videos/908835872497683/?l=4674195147848003293
  24. 10% Off Everything

    To celebrate getting my first article published in DN Magazine, this week only I am offering 10% off EVERYTHING! Including named brands such as Mistking and Repashy products! Just use coupon code AF10 when placing your orders Regards, Ross www.amphibianforest.co.uk http://www.facebook.com/amphibianforest?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
  25. Www.amphibianforest.co.uk

    www.amphibianforest.co.uk Hello to all, some of you may already know me through buying and selling frogs, meets, shows and forums but I will introduce myself all the same. My name is Ross Dacre and I have recently opened an online store that stocks a range of supplies suitable for amphibians. The site is still in its infancy and over the coming months I will be increasing the range of stock that I supply. We currently supply a range of goods including REPASHY SUPPLEMENTS LIVEFOODS CULTURING EQUIPMENT ACCENTS AND DECOR VIVARIUM SUBSTRATES A RANGE OF DART FROG SPECIFIC BOOKS​ We are also an official distributor of MistKing products here in the UK! If anybody has any questions or if I can help in any way please feel free to message me on here or info@amphibianforest.co.uk http://www.amphibianforest.co.uk Kind Regards, Ross