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  1. running a fogger

    Personally i would not bother with one...they have to be set up properly to work effectively and have to be very safe for the frogs. I tried one a few years ago and it was unreliable and a waste of money in my opinion. regards Gordon
  2. Lunch dad?

    Nice pic...site seems fine. regards Gordon
  3. Happy Birthday Nick

    Sorry Nick...just seen this...Happy Birthday mate. regards Gordon
  4. Terribilis build

    They do like a large viv and sometimes they are so keen to catch food they will jump into viv walls and glass to catch prey...which can result in slight marks on the noses lol.
  5. Terribilis build

    Bicolors are great frogs and more lively then terribilis.They can be a nicer colour in many cases also. regards Gordon
  6. Terribilis build

    Very nice viv.
  7. Terribilis build

    Remember they are heavy ground dwelling frogs and can trample fragile plants.
  8. Terribilis build

    Viv is looking good. When you get your terribs, put them in as a group and leave them together in the viv. They dont seem to like being moved from viv to viv and group to group once they are settled in and are fully grown...i bred hundreds of yellow terribs a few year back as a group of 2.2 in a similar sized viv. They loved it and wouldnt stop breeding, laying 15 to 20 eggs every few weeks for over 3 years...in the end i was giving groups of youngsters away because i had flooded the market. The only way i could stop them breeding was to split them into two groups of 1.1...they didnt like that and never bred again. They are great frogsand i hope you enjoy them. In my opinion the yellows are the healthiest and fittest, followed by the orange and then the mints. regards Gordon
  9. Stranger things!

    Stunning frog John...well done mate. regards Gordon
  10. Phyllobates Bicolor

    Well done. Have plenty of food ready for when they morph as they are voracious feeders. regards Gordon
  11. safe water

    I only use filtered rainwater brought up to to vivarium temperature overnight. I wouldnt use tapwater personally. regards Gordon
  12. which plants

    I agree with Nick....also when most people talk of mixing frogs it is in a small to medium size viv....1400mm x 700mm x 600mm is quite a size and is a different matter! Also everyone learns by trial and error with plants and frogs and everyone has different tastes, requirements, and different depths of pockets...this can be an expensive hobby if you are constantly having to replace dead frogs and dead plants because they did not prosper in whatever set up you have...i wasted a lot of money when i first started many years ago so i know to my own cost. regards Gordon
  13. which plants

    It is not easy to sex dart frogs until they are adults...so if you only require males i feel you will struggle to find all male adults of different types unless you know any breeders who will have an excess amount of adult males to sell you. You would find it easier to find a group of all one type of dartfrog which can be kept together as a group such as leucs or tricolors. Dendrobates are better kept as sexed pairs or male heavy trio’s.unless you are experienced as the less dominant ones will die of stress. regards Gordon
  14. how to finish the substrate

    You can use any of those...just depends what you want the finished viv to look like. regards Gordon
  15. Tips on the Exo Terra mini fogger.

    Sorry but i dont think these are worth the bother...unless set up really well they run out of water or harm the frogs...i would do without.