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  1. Happy Christmas

    Best wishes to you also .
  2. Phyllobates terribilis

    I have bred many terribilis over the years and you do sometimes get different colourations within the same clutch. Also some terribilis change colour slightly as they get older...as an example you could breed two yellows together, all the youngsters could colour up yellow, but then the odd one will start to get brighter or duller than its siblings as it gets older...this may or may not be all over the body. Regards Gordon
  3. Colours and patterns

    Sometimes if you change your viv decor around it may encourage them to be bolder. You could ask people on here who have bold auratus how their vivs are set up.
  4. Colours and patterns

    Auratus are either really bold or really shy...lots of people say they never see them yet others say they see them all the time.
  5. Misting Setup

    Thanks for the misting diagram Nick...i have changed to this design and it does balance out the pressures to different nozzles / vivs. regards Gordon
  6. Colours and patterns

    If these are young frogs their patterns and the amount of green and black could change either little or dramatically as they mature. Sometimes some youngsters out of the same batch can grow up looking nothing like their siblings or parents when it comes to patterns.
  7. My 60X45X90H Orchid Heavy Exo Build.

    Fantastic pics. Well done. regards Gordon
  8. Hi

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Leuc's are a great dartfrog. regards Gordon
  9. Tricolor Breeding

    I agree. Once they are sexually mature they will multiply like crazy as long as they get plenty of food as they are voracious feeders. You will have more than you can dream off...lol. regards Gordon
  10. Happy Birthday Gordon

    Cheers lads. regards Gordon
  11. Vivarium Racking Ideas

    Hi Ironsides I am pretty sure we met and chatted when you came to my table at MAD DAY. I hope you are keeping well mate. I also use the above system as Ross has described. It is the rolls royce and probablies the most expensive, but i only wanted to buy it once and i am glad i did. I have had it for several years now and it is still as good as new and will last forever. I bought mine from Marc at Dartfrog.co.uk , but i am pretty sure you could order it direct if you know exactly what you want. If you do go for this i would advise ordering it so viv opening sizes are 5mm wider and higher than the vivs you are going to fit to allow wiggle room when sliding vvs into position. regards Gordon
  12. Intruduction

    Hi and welcome to the forum. regards Gordon
  13. I Finally Have A 2 Became 3 Surprise Post!!

    Well done Mark. regards Gordon
  14. Imitator Intermedius Died.

    Sorry you lost her, i think it could just be old age in a frog that small. regards Gordon
  15. Stick Insects.

    How big are the young?