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  1. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    Cheers for that john
  2. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    Do you know where they 1st laid the eggs, some one told me that they only lay in the leaf litter on the floor
  3. I to had a group of tricolor that live together and done nothing for 8 months when I moved them into a large lounge display viv just before Xmas they started breeding straight away, now 4 months later I had over a hundred tadpoles and froglets. Now some times I wish they would stop lol.
  4. Looks good to me, were the large brim with the red centre is, I would try to open up the bottom with a dark hollow using plants as a sort of a roof as you said in your post. The top light is fine and I can't see there being a problem keep them in a tub for a few days. I don't know why it works, steve (skoobanut) my mentor ( or is that mental) put me on this.
  5. You said that you have had them for 14 months, have they been in the same viv all this time. If so there's an old trick you can try, it means money and time but you can try putting them in a completely different viv. I don't why this makes a difference but it works, I tried this on tricolours, auratus, and azureus all not breeding until change, within 6 weeks tads every where. Light wise it can be as bright as you like up high but they like an OPEN understory that's dark, mine is so dark that I have to use a strong led torch to see anything in there. Egg wish they lay in high (in full light) film canisters but I keep my bom axail dry and have 2" wide 1"deep pots with water (about 8) on the floor this way I can control the tads especially if you are limiting spray were the brom axial pools can dry up accidentally kill the tads. There is also a lot written about the effects of vitamins to encouraging frogs to breed.
  6. Mine breed well at 21 - 22 degrees, kept on the dryer side and prefer low light. Low light seam's to be one of the keys. I have 1.4 around 18 months to 2 years old, producing around 12 - 20 tads a month. One thing I notice is that tads grow very very slowly.
  7. Forum Help

    Cheers mate, I thought they might be having problems but its been like it for about 2 months now.
  8. Forum Help

    Hi people, I seam to have a problem registering on the us forum Dendroboad.com. Every thing goes ok , but the register field box is pale in colour and can not be click on. I can't even seam to email the admin. There are a few old threads I would like to read with the pictures. Any suggestions.
  9. Sirensis Highland Pasco

    Nice frogs, I've been told that these do best at slightly lower temperatures, how do you find them.
  10. After seeing a friend in Holland 15 years ago doing his phd on tricolour calls I have always had a soft spot for these frogs, so 6 months ago I purchased a adult group of 2.6. I wanted to breed these for my wife's large setup in the lounge. Straight away they started laying eggs, now every leaf, pot and even the logs have had eggs on them . Some times the tank is dripping with egg clutch's but not one egg has developed in to a tadpole. I have increased and decreased spray, food, every thing. Any one has any good idea's. Steve
  11. Intruduction

    Hi People, thanks for the welcome. Sorry I haven't posted any pictures yet, lack of camera and time I'm afraid. With the space I have I was a bit disappointed to find out the frogs I really wanted to get into are so hard to get hold of, ie. Histrionica Lehmanni Sylvatica Vicentei I'm in for the long haul so one day I might come across some I know that they say some of the above are hard to breed but I love a challenge. 10 years ago when breeding snakes I came across a forum thread about someone cross breeding carpet pythons to green tree pythons (known as carpondros). There was only two or three people who had done this, plenty trying so I set my mind to it. 3 years later I had two different clutches, 20 in all, I even went as far as writing a paper on it, now 8 years old and ALL STILL HERE WITH ME. If you do something like this you don't sell them off and pollute blood lines, these things are done for my own pleasure and study and not to make a quick buck. I have also bred dwarf seahorses and a few other marine fish lately. Did I dream this or is there someone on the forum keeping true humming birds? Anyway, that's enough from me, my fish tanks need feeding, so do the chickens, the dogs need walking and the wife will be home soon! Steve
  12. Hi there, Just thought I would introduce myself. I have been keeping high end carpet pythons and green tree pythons for 36 years now. In the last 5 years I've had some bad luck by having an aggressive form of acute myeloid leukaemia, after relapsing 3 time and having now 2 stem cell transplants, everything is good now (I hope). I started keeping frogs about 5 years ago with a lounge display tank, 1mtr x 600mm x 600mm all glass Ent tank. This just has a group of leuc's in, I have just revamp this on the same lines of Raf denier's paludarium. Now I have decided to expand with a separate building which is 32ft x 24ft, insulated, heated, air conditioned ect. I have a rack with 17 x 20" square fibreglass cubes originally made for green tree pythons, these are reserved for thumb nails and pumilio's. I also have racking, lights, thermostats and heating for 18 x 700mm x 400mm x 400mm ent tanks with a further 8 x 400mm x 400mm 600mm ent tanks. So far I have; 2.6 tricolors 0.0.2 imitator (varadero) 0.0.3 auratus (blue & black) 0.0.4 galactonotus 1.1 azureus 1.1 mysteriosus 1.1 pumilio salt creek 1.1 pumilio red frog beach 1.1 pumilio isla colon So plenty more to get, I will be checking the classifieds on a regular basis, so keep an eye out for me. I also keep marine tanks with corals, 4 of these all in the house, with one with seahorse in. I also have a pair of patterdale terriers and rare breed chickens so life is very busy. When I get a minute I will post so pictures of my building. That about it for now, any questions I will be very happy to answer them. Steve