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  1. Misting system required

    The other half's misting system has packed up, Is anyone selling one? Preferably close to us; B62 8LQ halesowen/birmingham area of the west midlands
  2. Dart Frog Tank

    Perfect! Just what we needed thankyou
  3. Dart Frog Tank

    Does anyone have one of the tanks on this Web link? My parents have two but need a 3rd and mark at dart frog can't get one till September unfortunately. I can't work out how to upload a picture but it's the 40x40x50 one on this Web link they are after http://www.dartfrog.co.uk/vivaria.html
  4. Any For Sale?

    Hi, iv got a 3 1/2 foot tank Iv set up over the period of a few months, and now I'm ready to purchase some frogs :-) I'm not entirely sure which breed is best for my tank, I'd like them to breed (like most of us I guess) and I like colourful breeds (not one solid colour) im thinking of the brazil or cobalt or patricias. Would anyone recommend how many I could keep in together? And does anyone have any for sale in the Midlands area? Iv tired dartfrog and hollybush and Birmingham reptiles and pets