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  1. Ranitomeya

    Been busy redoing my moded exo terra 18x18x24 inch.Going to give it a month for the plants to get established and then plan on adding a ranitomeya species.Already got varaderos and southerns.Any recommendations would be appreciated.Preferrable something that is boldish like the ones I already have.
  2. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    Great pics.Nice looking frogs.
  3. Plants?

    Richie is selling plants on ebay.Just bought some.
  4. Plants?

    I usually get all my plants off Richie.Was wondering why his website is down.
  5. My trio went in yesterday.I havn't got around to feeding them any ff yet but they are picking off springtails as there are millions in there. I've started hearing one frog calling in the tank,think it is the smaller of the three, and they all seem very active and are out and about exploring.Nearly had a problem this morning as i opened the front doors to spray the exo terra and one frog came hopping towards me quite fast.Just closed them intime,lol.I think they may associate the doors opening with flies going in so going to have to be extra careful.
  6. Help Needed, Springtails Crashing In Viv

    What type of frog is chasing them down? My viv has been empty until now,while plants get established, and at times it looks like it's been snowing in there, with got to be millions of springtails.After they ate all the mould and demolished 3 mushrooms that started growing I have been feeding them with bakers yeast and rice.There are woodlice running everywhere too. Tomorrow i'm putting the frogs in.A trio of R.Jebero/varadero.
  7. Woodlice

    The ones that curl up are called pill bugs.We have a really big problem with them in our garden as they munch on all the young seedling plants.
  8. Help Needed, Springtails Crashing In Viv

    I've got hundreds,maybe thousands,of springtails in my exo.This is weird as I've never put any in there.Been advised to feed them so I've been putting a plastic milk bottle top in there with some Tesco bread yeast in it.They swarm all over it.When I get a frog no doubt the numbers will drop. I've told the missus they quickly die if they escape from the tank same as flies and woodlice.
  9. Will still be some time sorting out my viv.Never ordered enough plants off RVs so had to put a 2nd order in. Have been looking at what sort of dartfrog i think might do well in my viv.I want something that will be out a lot,climbs about and doesn't just stay on the bottom, and can be ok if i get more than one of them.So far decided on Ranitomeya Variabilis.Is this a good choice for a beginner?
  10. Springtail And Woodlice Question

    Thought they all did the same thing but think I will get some of the dwarf whites as now I know they don't. I have been keeping the orange ones I bought of ebay in the small tub they came in but it is getting abit crowded in there.Noticed lots of little ones in there now and the bigger ones have white patches under them which I assume are eggs.I put a cold used teabag in there off and on and they seem to infest it.I also put a small slice of spud in there and they seem to like eating that too.
  11. Springtail And Woodlice Question

    I was told to buy the tropical grey woodlice,although the ones I bought are orange, because even though the frogs eat a large percentage of the babies the adults are too big for them so get left alone to continue breeding in the viv.Don't know if this is good or bad advice as i'm a newbie too.
  12. I'm thinking of putting a heatmat on a stat set at about 75F under my exo terra before setting it all up..I intend buying a jungle dawn led light for the plants so there won't be lots of heat from that.The front room where the viv will be situated is normally about 20C by day dropping to around 17C at night. Is this a good idea?
  13. Hi Everyone.

    Cheers will do.Noticed it's in Newport so not that far away.
  14. Total beginner.Never kept a frog before but hoping to learn lots from this forum.Based in Rhondda,S.Wales so any local froggers get in touch as looking at other peoples set-ups will give me ideas how to set mine up.Converting an exo terra to a dartfrog viv.