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  1. Springtail And Woodlice Question

    Cheers guys I like to research new animals as much as pos before taking the plunge
  2. Springtail And Woodlice Question

    Im a noob I assumed they were self sustaining so I thought you let them do their thing and put fruit flys ect in as well
  3. If youy seed the substrate in the viv with springtails and woodlice do you still have to culture more and do you need to feed them? I was under the impression once in the viv they feed off the plant and frog waste and multiply on their own Rudi
  4. Azzie

  5. Newbie Setup Questions

    Unheated would be even better my only concern would be the fact my landlady has control of when and how long the heating comes on. Do people use any kind of back up incase the heat goes to low. I always thought you had to have a lil bit of heat to keep the humidity up. What's the front ledge in that viv for? Do you still use a drainage layer in that kinda viv? That is the site I've been eyeing then up on ha
  6. Newbie Setup Questions

    Hi guys, Ive been tinking about doing a dart frog set up for quite a while and have a few questions I was oping you knowlagable lot might be able to answer. I was thinking of using a proper under substrate heating cable i have up in my loft with a habistat pulse stat. Or would I be better off using day and night pulse stat? Was also thinking of using some kind of led lighting for better energy consumption ect. Now Ive been eyeing up the glass vivs with false bottoms. How do they actually work ive not found a side view of one?. They always look like you cant go very deep with the substrate like it would fall out when you open the doors. Any advice would be gladly recieved Rudi
  7. Just joined today and thought id say hello. Ive kept kept and bred many animals, herps and fish over the years was even a zoo keeper for a few years. Ive been thinking about setting up a lil planted dart frog tank since selling up my big planted discus tank. im planning on making a start when i get another big commission unless i get a windfall b4 then lol. Rudi