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  1. dart frogs

    Sheffield. Not miles away.
  2. Dendrobates Tinctorius Nominat

    Congrats! Took there time didnt they!!
  3. Led lighting

    Should work fine yeah, just get a suitable sized tropical fish tank set up.
  4. Glad your turning a corner. Carefull not to OD on the UV. Good luck with the leucs, keep us upto date.
  5. I am not one to preach in the UV debate, but interesting you mention it Nick. Mysties are a frog that live with good exposure to uv, not sheltered under the canapy and in the leaf litter like most. They live at high elevations in the open, so maybe they dont compensate in other ways as well as other commonly kept species. This goes also also for the tads which would be in good sun in the brom axles of the cliff face.. Just thinking aloud.... Mark.
  6. I would add some vitamin A into your supplementation. It could just be young frogs though producing weak tads at first. Dont be too down about it. Hope things turn around.
  7. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    Pretty sure they are Vriesea erythrodactylon.
  8. Histrionica bullseye

    Stunning frogs. Im glad someone is having success in the UK with them. Wishing you all the luck buddy (abit rich for my pockets though). Mark.
  9. Please Read

    Thats the thing aint it Mark, we all moan about forums being quiet because of fb groups, but most of us are all in these fb groups talking to the same guys we would be talking to on here. We all need to make the effort to use forums over fb to keep them alive.
  10. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    Love it Andy. Really well done.
  11. Please Read

    Appreciate all the effort you put into the site Nick. Hope it doesnt come to that, but totally get where you are coming from.
  12. Tadpole to Froglet, How Long?

    Abit of action in the mysti section nowadays. Worth getting some help there.
  13. Escudo Baby's

    Awesome Jack!
  14. Plants?

    Good luck with the move Richie, it'll be good to have you back! Mark.
  15. cayo de agua

    Gorgeous pic!