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  1. I am feeding the tadpoles with Frog and Tadpole Bites dusted with Sera micron, with occasional Tetra Min Flake for variety. I now have nine froglets, no SLS since the first group that morphed. I have done nothing different, I think it must be related to young frogs first spawning, I will keep you updated.
  2. Thankyou all for your input, my last three froglets are all normal and doing well and I am much more encouraged. I have now put my breeding group under a UV light and purchased Vit A plus. Good news my Leucs have also started spawning. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the SLS was just from the first groups of eggs from a new breeding group. I now have tadpoles everywhere! Thanks again.
  3. Expanding Foam

    I am about to do my first custom build and would like to know what Expanding Foam Brands I should use or if there are any I should avoid.
  4. I have successfully got my group of 4 Mysties (2 male and 2 female) to breed and the first tadpoles are just showing their front legs, unfortunately four of the first 5 have SLS! Its hearbreaking to see these otherwise healthy looking froglets/tadpoles with virtually useless front legs. One froglet is so far doing well and looks normal and healthy. I am new to the hobby and the Mysties are my first frogs to breed ( I also have Leucs and Golden Mantellas) so I have no other experience and would like the benefit of your help please. How can I eliminate SLS? What am I potentially doing wrong? Has anyone else had this problem? I am meticulous with the dusting of fruit flies, I use Dendrocare and Repashy Calcium Plus. The temperature of my frog room drops to no lower than 69F and up to around 75F , all my adult frogs look healthy and the males call regularly. I love this hobby but I am so disappointed with my first breeding effort and hate to have to euthanize the tadpoles with SLS.
  5. Tadpole to Froglet, How Long?

    Hello Nick, my frogroom temperature drops to 69F in the night to max 75F. The older tadpoles have rear legs, are quite large and showing signs of colour. Thanks for replying Ian
  6. I hatched my first eggs in January and have been raising tadpoles since then. They are Mysties and I understand they take longer to morph into froglets than other species. How long should they take? Another question is, what factors influence the development of tadpoles?, I assume feeding and temperature, is there anything else also how long do other species take to develop?
  7. Eggcrate Light Diffuser Sheets

    Thanks guys, Ebay it is!
  8. Anybody tell me the best place to source plastic light diffuser to use for false bottom. I have used clay balls in the past but would like to try this on my next build.
  9. Racking/shelving

    Hi Tony, The width measurement is to the outside of the posts, I don't think you would get them all on one shelf its too tight to gamble. I would not worry about the weight. I actually went to their premises and checked them out, they are extremely helpful and I believe trustworthy. I hate buying sight unseen from the internet! I cant get two 45x45,s on my 90cm shelf, the inside measurement is 85cms. Hope this helps Ian
  10. Racking/shelving

    Tony, In my opinion they are strong enough, I have 2 vivs on 120cm wide shelves, they are very strong. I had to adjust the shelves a few times before I got them exactly right for me, the plastic sleeves were moved with no problems. Just spend time getting the spacing exactly right before you load them up fully, its easier. They are very good quality. Ian
  11. Racking/shelving

    I bought mine from Kas shopfitting, great service, great quality and cheaper than Big Dug! Cant fault them they really are good quality, highly recommended.
  12. Fighting Leucs

    Thanks Stu for replying, the Leucs were in a 45x45x60 Exo Terra. When I split them the group of 3 are in a 45x45x50cm cube. The mysties were in a 40cm for quarantine when they started spawning. I will be transferring the mysties to the exo terra when I have cleaned and sterilized it. I am now not so worried about the behavior, as you say it does not last long and there are plenty of hiding spaces. The only problem now is the noise, the males are calling constantly, answering each other much more now they are in separate vivs. All the frogs are healthy looking and I think the Leucs will be spawning soon. I agree the frogs are individuals and behavior is quite different, I find it fascinating and I love observing them. Thanks again Ian
  13. Shelving What Do You Use

    Kas Shopfitting for Chrome shelving, just as good as Big Dug, half the price.
  14. Fighting Leucs

    I have a group of 5 Leucs approx. 15 to 18 months old from 3 different suppliers. I have 2 males (calling) and 3 females. The males have been calling for a few months and recently started fighting. I have split the group into 1 male and female and I male with 2 females. Now the two females that are together have started fighting pretty aggressively. My questions: is this normal? is there any danger that the frogs will be hurt? or is this just pre mating behavior? I have a group of 4 Mysties that are spawning, they have not shown such aggressive behaviour.
  15. Mysties Viv Preference

    Mark I have 2 males and 2 female, my frog room is usually at about 22 celcius max 24 min 19. The mysties are the most active of my frogs and are obviously loving the conditions, I also have Leucs and Golden Mantellas. I have only had the mysties for about two months.