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    Green tree pythons, emerald tree boas and dart frogs!
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    thanks guys
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    Thanks Stu. Ill have to post a pic or two from the home computer.
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    Hi all. New to the forum and enjoying the reading so far. At the minute I'm a snake keeper, green tree pythons and emerald tree boas mostly but I'm looking to add to my rainforest over the next few months. In the research stage and already loving it
  4. Custodians And Feeders

    Hi all, first post so please go easy. I'm in the process of gathering together everything I need to set up my first vivarium, doing plenty of research and speaking with a friend who's very knowledgeable on the subject. On the topic of custodians and feeders insects, how many different species should I consider culturing to successfully keep my tank going and my frogs well fed? Would three different species be enough, say springtails, tropical woodlouse and fruit flies or would I be better with four or even more different cultures. Any recommended species would be of great help. Thanks in advance. Pete