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  1. Ranitomeya Sirensis Highland With Tadpole.

    I’ve only four vivs which are display ones in my living room, all housing Ranitomeya Sirensis Highland. I guess it’s worth a go to try something different now and again.
  2. Ranitomeya Sirensis Highland With Tadpole.

    Thanks John, Ways take the eggs out of viv when fertile, that’s if I can find them. I put the one tadpole in 16oz tubs with some oak leave and moss, just about everyday I remove frog waste and uneaten food and kept topping the water up with spring water, sometimes doing a full water change. Then I move the tadpoles in bigger tubs just as their back legs start to develop, these tubs are 101oz size 8 long x 6 wide x 4 high inches, a bit over the top I know, but just try and give them the best I can.
  3. Ranitomeya Sirensis Highland With Tadpole.

    These were my first dart frog I kept and never had any problems with them, I’ve had them for just over two years now. Got two groups, a group of six in one viv and a three in other. Both groups have breed well, 64 young in total up to now.
  4. Ranitomeya Sirensis Highland With Tadpole.

    Thanks John, Just used the auto adjust button on iPad for this picture, didn’t change it much really. I’ve found them not hard to keep, these are the only thumbnails I’ve kept so I couldn’t really compare.
  5. Built in viv

    That’s a great looking setup
  6. Ranitomeya Sirensis Highland With Tadpole.
  7. Amazonica tadpoles

    I always keep them outside of the viv.
  8. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    Just a update on these eggs, all five fertile.
  9. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    Thank you for the information Miles, I will give it a go. just spotted these eggs this morning laid on the outside of the film canister.
  10. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    Thanks for the input Miles, How long do you have them on a dry season ? To tell you the truth I've had my frogs for about 18 months now, and I've never given them a dry season. Is it something I should think about doing, and what's the benefit of this.
  11. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    Hi Steve, Like John said, film canisters and the odd time on brom leaves.
  12. I bet it was amazing to see them close up in the wild like that, Great pictures Nick. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Expanding Foam

    Sorry about that looks like a mistake, I meant to type polystyrene not polyester, I've just noticed. dam spell check I get the polystyrene boards from wickes.
  14. Expanding Foam

    I have use soudal fills and bonds foam which is pretty good and never had any problems with it. But now I prefer to use polystyrene board sheets 50mm thick. I use polyester for this viv, I find it a lot easier to work with.
  15. Grow out containers

    Thank you for the reply Nick, I see what you mean, I will give them other week before i move them to they viv. Just that read on the net that they need to been in grow out tubs for about 2 to 3 months. Just to make sure they are eating okay and that they need the high humidity.