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  1. Costa Rican blue jeans.

    Hi is any one still working with Costa Rican blue jeans. An old import that came in from Germany quite a few years ago.
  2. I'm looking for people's opinions on both and also how you make and use your mix?
  3. Led lighting

    Just a question has Anyone tried using a 5ft/6ft LED light baton, just I have a rack of 9 tanks and wondered weather this could work?
  4. Blue jeans

    Anyone working with pumillio blue jeans?
  5. Escudo Baby's

    Froglet number 2
  6. Salt Creeks

    There popping out everywhere.... how's your salt creeks mark?
  7. Salt Creeks

    Froglet number 2
  8. Salt Creeks

    Salt creek froglet
  9. Salt Creeks

    <a href="http://s1243.photobucket.com/user/jackandrews269/media/Mobile%
  10. Salt Creeks

    All 3 have been transported but I haven't see them since... how's your salt creeks doing?
  11. Salt Creeks

    Came home to more eggs!!
  12. Salt Creeks

  13. Salt Creeks

    Ha i can't complain, escudos are doing well too. Do u have many salt creeks out the water now?
  14. Salt Creeks

    First salt creek eggs
  15. Escudo Baby's