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  1. Hi all, I have a group of 5 (I think a 1.4......only heard 1 calling), which I've had for 14 months, they are believed to be almost 18 months old. The male calls constantly and has done for months but no sign of courtship or eggs. The viv is a 24x18x24, is fairly heavily planted and has film canisters. Any advice/tips to give them a helping hand would be very much appreciated. Tony
  2. That sounds like a great idea, I'd be up for that for sure. Didn't realise there were many/any people nearby.
  3. Hi Nick, Kroot, Steve, Thank you all for your input, forums are invaluable for acquiring others experience and thoughts, our hobby can feel a very lonely place when things aren't going quite to plan due to it not being particularly mainstream so people's willingness to pitch in and comment is huge help. I think I'm going to give the reduced misting which I started on Saturday a little longer to see if that's successful, if not then a viv overhaul and then lastly remove the male (poor guys calling away like mad as I'm typing this........must be soooooo frustrated!!) for a month or so and then re-introduce. Hopefully one of the above will have the desired effect and I'll reporting eggs and tads along with a massive thank you!! Steve, depending on where you live, I know of two people looking for Tricolours (I'm assuming you are intending to sell at least some of your MANY tads, they are prolific little buggers are they!!) so let me know if you are ready to move any on.
  4. Hi Nick, I initially bought two lots of unsexed trio's from different people within a month of each, sadly I lost one of the 6 about a month later (no idea what caused it) but they've lived together in the same viv ever since.
  5. Hi Steve, Thanks for your thoughts. It's not overly clear from the picture but there is narrow-ish cork round leading from the front to the rear where it sits on top of a larger cork round which goes left to right at the rear of the viv. This creates a dark hollow type area as you described, with plenty of leaf litter and Savu pods. Perhaps I could make that area larger and with a bit more height to beneath the shelter.
  6. Managed to add it, thanks for the guidance Nick.
  7. image.jpeg

  8. It won't allow me to attach the image unfortunately, too large.
  9. Hi Steve, Yes, always been in the same viv. I've done made some relatively light alterations in that time, added a couple of new plants, replenished leaf litter but nothing that would constitute a re-vamp. Do you see an issue with me keeping them temporarily (say 2-3 days) in a large rub (grow out type) whilst I overhaul the existing viv and then return them? That's bizarre how that works, I wonder why? Perhaps it nullifies the dominance in the group and puts them all on a level playing field. So to achieve the dim/dark ground level, presumably the only way to obtain this is to heavily plant the viv to create a canopy that blocks out the light. Here's a pic of the viv currently, I'm guessing it's far to bright based on your comments.....
  10. Hi Steve, Thanks for taking the time to reply and for all of the detail, that's awesome. Blimey, 12-20 a month that's fantastic. Where do they tend to lay their eggs for you? I think I will detach their viv from the automatic misting system and revert to hand misting for the moment as keeping them on the drier side is definitely becoming a theme. When you say low light, I just have the standard Arcadia T5 over them. May I ask what you have and also a photo of the viv of that's not too much trouble. Would be good to see a successful viv layout (I recently moved my 3 Azureus from one viv to another to free up a larger viv for my newest recruits and I hardly ever use to see them before, now they are almost always out and about, the change was instant. I was so surprised but it highlighted very apparently how unsuitable/suitable frogs can find a viv. Apologise for all the questions. Tony
  11. Hi Nick, Thanks for the input, I'll reduce the spraying and see if this assists.
  12. Hi Nick, Thanks for taking the time to reply. They are on an automated system which sprays 3 times a day. Cheers!!
  13. Racking/shelving

    Hi all, Has anyone used these racks........ https://kas-shopfittings.co.uk/collections/chrome-shelving/4-shelf-units Would be great to hear people's experiences with them before I go ahead and order them. Alternative suggestions would be most welcome. Many thanks, Tony
  14. Racking/shelving

    Hi guys, Thanks for your replies. Ian, the additional info regarding the inside measurement of the post was particularly helpful, thank you. Kroot, thanks for confirming, I fear the restrictions that you referred to of the big dug racking will mean it will pretty much be a straight replacement for the impulse purchased racks I bought off the internet which present me with the lack of flexibility with the shelf heights. A frog pub meet sounds awesome, keep me posted and I'll be there for sure. Kev, the middle shelf shown in the picture, does this need to be positioned here to join the uprights? This is the problem I'm trying to get away from with my existing rack. Cheers, Tony
  15. Racking/shelving

    Hi Ian, Thanks for your further input and advice regarding the spacing. I'm sure I'm worrying far too much as they wouldn't sell them with a 300kg per shelf limit if they weren't capable of holding that weight, just that black plastic didn't fill me with confidence when I watched the video. I was thinking of getting the 150cm wide rack to house 3 Exo Terra's per shelf, 60cm in the middle with a 45cm either side. Other than the initial weight concern, my other query is weather any part of the frame would stop the 3 vivs fitting as they equate to 150cm, it's rather difficult to plan without seeing them. The downside of buying from the internet I guess. Tony
  16. Racking/shelving

    Hi guys, Thanks for taking the time to reply. Kroot, are the heights of the shelves flexible or fixed based on the positioning of the fittings required to join the uprights? I bought something similar previously and it wasn't very suitable as the position of the middle shelf was not flexible due to the shelf (fittings) being required to join the two uprights together, this in turn left very little flexibility for the shelves either side, leaving it's usage very restricted. Ironsides, I watched the video on the website showing how to put them together and they look incredibly easy and certainly give the flexibility of the shelf positioning that I need, however my only concern is whether or not the black plastic (I think?!?!) fixings are genuinely strong enough to hold 2 vivs per shelf? Thanks again guys, sorry about the further questions. Tony
  17. Racking/shelving

    Hi all, Has anyone used these racks........ https://kas-shopfittings.co.uk/collections/chrome-shelving/4-shelf-units Would be great to hear people's experiences with them before I go ahead and order them. Alternative suggestions would be most welcome. Many thanks, Tony
  18. Sick Frog

    Hi all, I have a rather unhappy looking/behaving Azureus, he/she seems to have been struck down with something suddenly as he/she has stopped moving and is completely motionless, this has been the case for 2 days. I fear the worse sadly but am obviously keen to do whatever I can to help his/her cause. In addition, he/she is in a viv with 3 other Azureus so I am fearful for them if 'it' is contagious. Does anyone know of a product that I can apply to the frogs? First and foremost to assist the unwell frog but also as a precautionary measure for the other 3. I have done a bit of research and the common product that gets mentioned is F10 SC, however there seems to be a very split opinion as to whether or not you can/should apply this directly to the frog or if it should only be used on the viv? Alternatively is there any other product? If anyone can offer any thoughts/advice/personal experience it would be great. Tony
  19. Sick Frog

    Hi Alex, In my haste to avoid another fatality and not wanting to leave any potential treatment too long I have just finished pumping F10 into the viv via a fogger at a rate of 1:250. I literally finished, checked my phone and there was your reply.......if only I had waited 10-15 minutes!! Thanks for your input, do you think the fogging option that I opted for is less suitable than spraying? I figured that this would treat the entire viv as well as being able to get fairly close with the fogger hose rather than the frogs leaping off with a spray?!?! Tony
  20. Sick Frog

    Hi Adrian, Thanks for your input. Sadly one of the other Azureus is starting to look a little unhappy too (not moving much, head lowering towards front legs etc......) Just a thought on the F10, how about putting this in to my fogger (superfog 2) reservoir and let the fog pumped in to the viv coat the content of the viv as well as the frogs? How does that sound to you guys? If not, what's the easiest way to bathe these little guys in the solution? Thanks, Tony
  21. Sick Frog

    Hi Ben and Alex, Thank you for taking the time to reply with much appreciated advice, however sadly the frog is no more. Whilst it is obviously sad to lose a frog, I'm now concerned about the health of the other 3 in the viv. I ordered some F10 online today so that should be with me tomorrow, question is, do I apply this to the other 3 as a precautionary measure? Ben, do you think that the Levacol or the Bactifec that you mentioned would this be worth getting to apply to the other 3 or is this not its purpose? Alex, you mentioned that you have used F10 as a preventative measure, given your experience and what I've described, do you think I should apply it as a preventative measure? If so, what concentration did you use? Apologies for a million and one questions guys. Thanks again, Tony
  22. Viv Racking System

    Hi all, I'm new here and this is my first post so all input and assistance is greatly appreciated. I only started keeping dart frogs about 3 months ago but got well and truly bit by the addictive bug and went in very firmly with both feet (slightly foolishly really in retrospect) but long story short, I have 4 Exo Terra vivariums 60x45x60cm / 24x18x24 inches (WxDxH) and want/need some sort of racking system to accommodate these (preferably 2 wide by 2 high). Does anyone use any such racks or could suggest where would be worth looking. Many thanks, Tony