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  1. Site Upgrade

    The Site Looks great. . Again on the Android.
  2. My 60X45X90H Orchid Heavy Exo Build.

    Well that is very nice . How old is this setup Stacy? Where did you get your orchids from? Joe
  3. My 60X45X90H Orchid Heavy Exo Build.

    Well that is very nice . How old is this setup Stacy? Where did you get your orchids from? Joe
  4. Feeding Woodlice

    thanks I'll give that ago
  5. Feeding Woodlice

    my Question is how do you all feed your darts with tropical dwarf woodlice? At the moment ive a culture in a lunch box type box with a woodlice substrate with the odd teabag on top. the way I feed them is by taking a pinch of the substrate with a few woodlice amongst it. surly theres a better way to feed them without loseing the substrate.
  6. Sirensis Highland Pasco

    great pics. what a nice looking frog. A definite contender for my 2nd speices once the the tank has been setup. joe
  7. Hi

    hi welcome. nice setup .
  8. im about to get my 2nd exoterra viv. but this one is a 45x45x60 . ill be converting it the same way as my other one southern variabilis. but what spices do i go for .????? another thumbnail speices or something else?
  9. Tall Viv

    very nice setup.
  10. Jungle Dawn Dimentions

    thanks Ill order a 9w one .and run it with an normal bulb
  11. Jungle Dawn Dimentions

    ive an exoterra 45x45x45 and hoping on to use jungle dawn but wondered what would fit in the exoterra canopy. will the 9w or13w fit . also do you think I could use one jungle dawn and one of the bulbs that I'm using or just get 2 jungle dawns .
  12. Varibilis Southern Calling???

    id say mine are about 7_9 month old . I'm about to order some cannisters . alse I'm thinking if getting some dwarf tropical woodlice . would they be ok to add for extra food source or clean up crew.
  13. Vivarium Racking Ideas

    It says EACH shelve holds 300kg . I wonder if that's each indviduel shelve or the totel rack? 300kg is quite a bit of weight . They are easy to put together I know that for sure.
  14. Varibilis Southern Calling???

    ive only got two as the smaller of the 3 died a month or 2 ago . if both of them are male would they still call? fingeres crossed ive got a pair. ive not managed to put any film canisters or a petri dish in yet . but one of them is quite often in one of two broms. so is it worth putting a few canisters and petri dish in as well or should I just let them get on wIth it? ​
  15. Varibilis Southern Calling???

    This morning while having a brew pondering what to do today. I heard squeak then afew seconds later another squeak . I thought nothing of it them it happened again. so I looked on Utube on varibilis calling. very similer but my frogs call was deeper . weather that was because its live and not a recording. This happened just after I misted the viv and before the light came on. dose this mean I have a pair? or do they call anyway?