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  1. Plants?

    Have you checked out Bens Jungle or Dartfrog UK!
  2. Costa Rica & Bocas Del Toro Trip

    Great pictures and I imagine a wonderful experience, thanks for posting.
  3. Feeding Woodlice

    Try placing a piece bark on top of the substrate and you will find the woodlice clinging to the underside of it, then just tap them of into the viv. By the way they go mad for fish flakes.
  4. Ranitomeya Benedicta Pampa Hermosa

    Stunning little frogs Stacey, never seen these advertised, where are they coming from....
  5. Auratus Tadpole

    Thanks for that, woke this morning to find he had deposited it somewhere.
  6. Auratus Tadpole

    Yes, there is a stream, pond and eight bromeliads containing water.
  7. Auratus Tadpole

    Hi, one of my male Auratus has been carrying a tadpole on its back for two days, is this normal or should I intervene?