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  1. New Member - New Viv

    No problem at all, glad they arrived safe for you.
  2. New Member - New Viv

    Wow! What a great start! You may find you need to add a vent to that lid though, as the front exo vents aren't the greatest, a top vent will help pull air through. What I do is get glass cut for entire top, minus 7-10cm for some ss mesh or custom vent. It may be ok though, depends on the plants/misting. As recommended above, plus Araflora are pretty good too and often have a lot of choice!
  3. Froglet Help !!!

    Also the seal is important dependant on which froglets you choose! RUBs have gaps between the lid and sides designed for air flow I'd guess. Small froglets like thumbs can escape.If you dont mind fruit flies or use a chunk of banana or something to keep them in there and easy to find, the fibreglass window screen mesh works goodplaced over before you secure the lid.
  4. My 60X45X90H Orchid Heavy Exo Build.

    I think this is around 9-10 nonths old now. Still adding the odd little thing here and there and fine tuning. Thank you, Gordon!
  5. My 60X45X90H Orchid Heavy Exo Build.

    Thank you. It's coming on great. Just need to find a home for a few of the pots in there, as I have nowhere to put them right now, but hoping they'll go into a bigger build I have planned next year.
  6. My 60X45X90H Orchid Heavy Exo Build.

    Lepanthes gargoyla Lepanthes jmscala (calodictyon x saltatrix) Specklinia grobyi Lepanthes neisseniae Lepanthes uxoria
  7. My 60X45X90H Orchid Heavy Exo Build.

    A few updates pictures of the Orchidarium taken today and some photos of some of my orchids in flower over the last couple months. Full viv shot Left Right Platystele stenostachya Lepanthes telipogoniflora Lepanthes tsubotae Lepanthes rutrum Dendrobium lamyaiae Lepanthes obovata Lepanthes zamorensis
  8. My 60X45X90H Orchid Heavy Exo Build.

    Sorry Mark, only just seen this! I'll make a point to get on the laptop this week and update with a new full viv shot and some of the orchids that have been flowering recently.
  9. Frog Handling

    I use film canisters, then leave them to come out of their own accord once moved. But then I have Ranitomeya, so diddly.
  10. Tall Viv

    Wow, really?! Damn... I'm doing this all wrong. Haha I might have to switch my lighting in the Orchidarium then!
  11. Tall Viv

    Beautiful build Andy! What are you using for lighting on this?
  12. Varibilis Southern Calling???

    A little older than mine then. I haven't heard calling for awhile, but having said that, my varadero male rarely shuts up and would easily drown out the southerns. I actually caught one of my benedicta trio in the act, they're also very quiet and I had my face within 12" of him, until he spotted me, so I know which one is male already (at least one anyhow). LOL Canisters are good. I prefer the white ones for tadpole deposition, so you can see in them easier, the black ones I tend to use at horizontal angles with half of a white one cut and slid into them, for them to sit in or lay eggs in if they prefer. Tropical white woodlice are great for both. The greys tend to be bigger and more active above ground and they're too big to eat, but the babies are perfect sized. I do prefer my whites though.
  13. Vivarium Racking Ideas

    Anyone actually using these? I see a lot of the US guys using them and some have seemed to have concerning bowing in the middle. Not sure I'd trust heavy vivs with precious frogs on these. :/ I'd be nervous to say the least... glass, weak support and live animals. It's a shame though, as if they would do the job, those add on half moon shelves could be loaded on the sides with plants and stuff, to help blend them in.
  14. Varibilis Southern Calling???

    Awww... I'm sorry. I have a little fella too, I suspect that one is possibly a male. The other two are notably bigger, but who knows, they may all end up the same size at maturity. Yes, if both were male you could get just the one (dominant) calling or you may have both. All 3 of mine sit in the canisters and broms, it's just a dart thing. I just let them get on with it and enjoy watching their behaviour and trying to guess, as long as everyone is getting along, I guess they'll just get down to it on their terms. Maybe the girls are just virtous. Haha
  15. Varibilis Southern Calling???

    No, they're only 7 months old. I'm hoping they hold off awhile yet! I've just had to let my Jeberos go at the moment and I have 7 tads and another 4 eggs to raise from them, which is kind of all I have time for right now. So with them breeding so much and with me making the decision to work towards only keeping UE frogs, it seemed the best thing to do. Obviously the southerns are UE, but I just want them to hold off!