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  1. Surely I'm Not The Only One.

    Cheers guys, Have cleaned/ washed all drawers and any old cultures. I have now replaced the cultures back into the drawers with a couple of cm of water. Will see what happens. Roughly how often does everyone change the water in the trays? One a month?
  2. Hi all. I've posted regarding mites in the past and did manage to get it under control but all sudden they seem to be back with avengence! My routine is the following; - clean any cultures that have been depleted to reduce the chances of mites. - take out the four trays at the same time once a month and clean them in hot fairy liquid solution. Once dry I place fresh mite paper down. - a couple of weeks ago I noticed mites on the outside of the housing, they were all over it and potentially could have been going onto the carpet. So I took the whole thing outside and thoroughly hosed it then dunked each piece in fairy liquid solution and then hosed off again. 5 weeks later the mites are swarming all over the housing AGAIN! What do you guys do to reduce mites. I hate them and it's horrible the fact that my hands get covered in them if I need to move the housing! Here's the housing. Here's a pic of the Buggars, every white dot is a mite.
  3. What Do You Guys Do?

    Thankyou once again guys. Each and every point/ opinion is very interesting!
  4. What Do You Guys Do?

    Update time. All five tads are doing well although they seem to be taking a lifetime to form their back legs. They started emerging two weeks ago and are still no larger today. I feed various pellets, new era, tetra prima, hikari marine s and jmc high protein pellets everyday and I do water changes everyday. I know temp has a big part to play and room temp is 20.9 degrees centigrade which I know is low. Do the size of the pots we put them in have any effects on growth? I keep them in the small party cups with the top half chopped off with around an inch of water. Do I need to put them into larger cups or simply fill the cups they are in now higher? Or do I need to just chill. I estimate they are around day 50 now. Here's some pics.
  5. These Eggs Any Good?

    Cheers guys one isnt looking good but I think the others are ok.
  6. These Eggs Any Good?

    Hi guys, These are three day old variabilis Southern. Are they any good? Cheers, Ryan.
  7. What Do You Guys Do?

    Cheers Nick, I always thought leaving them was best as there wouldn't be a helping hand in nature. It was only when I saw a post by a guy in the states saying how he lost a couple if he didn't cut the sacs that it made me wonder. Ryan.
  8. Fruit Fly Culture Mix

    Kris Could you tell me the following out of interest please; - what brand of fish foods are you using? - how do you add the banana to the mix, simply crush it up and then add it? Cheers, Ryan
  9. What Do You Guys Do?

    Hi all, I'm thrilled to say that this time last week deep inside one of the broms in my ranitomeya variabilis terrarium I noticed frogspawn. Once scooped out into a Petri dish I noticed there were two bad as nothing had started forming and they were a white/ grey colour (guessing fungus was setting in). I do have five however and they are fantastic little things. My question is this, do you slice the sac at all to help them escape or do you leave them to it? Ive seen mixed opinions about this elsewhere so wanted to ask on here. Here's a pic of what one looks like. I'm guessing maybe 12-13 ish days old?
  10. Mixing Frogs

    Thankyou for all of your opinions and advice guys I really do appreciate it. This will allow me to research and ponder what to do over the next couple of months as I don't wish to run into anything I may later regret. If I were to mix I would add all of the frogs at the same time, that's a given. If I were to add say some cb tincs and pumilio from the same breeder would that not be better. I could very easily make half the tank aboreal for the tincs. I could then do a verticle pillar so to say with lots of broms for the pums. I did think originally about putting a glass divider in but from the side it wouldn't look right. Anyway like I said I will think about this and research as much as possible before making my decision.
  11. Mixing Frogs

    Haha thanks mate,yeah I got that feeling after I read the first two comments if I'm being honest. I'm only on this forum mainly as it's such a good source of information. Unless I have skipped over it I have never seen a thread discussing mixing pumilio with tincs. Yes I understand that you should never mix tincs because of interbreeding but wondered whether pumilio and tincs would be ok with tincs being more terrestrial whereas pumilio being more arboreal but coming down to the substrate to feed.
  12. Mixing Frogs

    Ok sorry guys for my laziness I'll have a look around. :-D
  13. Mixing Frogs

    I know I know! Usually its frowned upon when people mix species hence why I had 5 terrariums for the specific ranitomeyas that I wanted to eventually get. My question is though, in a 4'x2'x2' could you get away with putting a group of pumilio with say a pair/ trio of tincs? Thanks in advance, Ryan.
  14. Razzmatazz's Frogs

    Hi mate, I have heard of this and was going to remove the frogspawn from the canisters and raise artificially using TT. Would you still say it's a good idea to put the tad tea in so they are in it from the start? Doesn't look like anything is going to happen at the moment as I've not heard the male call for a while now. At least I will be prepared when it warms up a bit. No worries at all kev, everyone goes on about mist king but the reality is that doing it how I've done is just as good. Plus everything is available in the uk so no need to wait ages if I need to replace anything.
  15. Razzmatazz's Frogs

    For the past week I've heard my male variabilis calling two or three times a day and several times at night and the female is quite plump so have popped a couple of film canisters in today at a 45 degree angle with a little R.O water in the bottom. I know that these guys prefer temps a little lower so will see if anything happens. Here's a pic of the male :-D